Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Soaking up the Sun!

One of the boys buddies (and neighbors) is pretty much a staple around our home. We tease him often by asking him for his social security number so that we may claim him on our taxes. We have even given him a nick name "Rico Suave" and he loves it! Rico has a nice pool in his backyard and the other day he came over and proudly announced "The Pool Is Open!" After many cheers the boys scrambled to get their suits on and rushed out the door. All of them except A-man, who was left with a frown on his face. If you remember what happened Here you would understand why the sad face. So A-man, Arden and myself headed over to hang out on the deck for awhile. He was okay and enjoyed just being able to still hang out with the crew. Fortunately, Friday he too will be able to enjoy the water because his stitches are coming out! Yahoo!!!

ben ricky roger

The three Amigos!


Yeah, he is a goober!

roger ricky ben

Okay, Okay they are too!

arden 5

She is not! She is a Princess....


He is a good sport!

Look at that smile! Looks so much better than a frown!

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