Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prom Pictures

I know I don't have any children old enough to go to the prom yet but my nephew is. My sister and a close friend of theirs asked me to do their before prom pictures which tickled me PINK!

First let me give a little history about me and Photography. I have always been a Mama with A Camera but Way Way back in High School I took 3 years of photography and love it. It was totally my thing. My teacher and I had this wonderful connection and she really helped me to see things in a new and creative way. She even entered a few of my photos (Black and White Film) in contest which one went all the way to New York and won an Honorable Mention. Out of High School I took a Photo Class in College and had a horrible instructor (boring) and it wasn't long after that that I fell in LOVE!!!! My life then took a turn and next thing I knew there wasn't a lot of time left in a day when raising a family. So what is a mom to do?? Grab a point and shoot and be as creative as I could. Every time I purchased a new camera I would upgrade and then finally Daddio bought me a Digital SLR and now I have that thing permanently attached to my face! I am in love with a camera, and Daddio too! So here I am learning as much as I can and practicing on any willing body, animal and flower (sometimes not very willing but I shoot anyway)! Which brings me back to Prom.... My good looking nephew (can I say that?? well of course I can he is good looking!) had his Jr. prom last night I went over to take some pictures of the group he was going with. I had so much Fun!!!! They are were such a great group of kids and boy they all looked so good. Here are a few of my favorites!

brandon and brittany

My Nephew and His Date!

brittany 4

We didn't look 1/2 this good at Prom!

brandon and brittany 3

will and katlyn 3

Check out that dress!! It was even better in person...

katlyn 3

brandon and carter 3

Not sure but they mumble something about this being a tradition photo!??

carter brandon katlyn 3


carter and allison 4

The sweetest couple! and she had the best name ever Ally
brittany flower

group 8

The whole group! Boy that was fun! Thanks gang!


Kristi said...

Those are some fantastic pictures! I'm sure your nephew and his friends will be thrilled to have such great visual memories of their prom!

Our Journey said...

Your nephew is a DOLL!! And his girlfriend. What a great looking bunch of kids! Your pictures are just beautiful!!

Cindy M said...

I'll soon be sharing my prom was a little more stressful for me because it was my daughter going to the prom. I got a few that I just love. You did a great job, and I love the last one!