Thursday, May 21, 2009

Play time at Grandma!

Yesterday we went to my Mom's house because she has been down with her back. My other sisters and their crew met us there. We had a nice visit and the weather was just beautiful so we sat outside and had a wonderful time. The kids were so happy to play together and I enjoyed it just as much spending time with my sister's and Mom. Fun Day!!

arden 1

Arden having a break!

arden and cabell

Cabell and Arden Playing ball! (okay Arden playing Cabell watching)

arden and mae

What do imagine they are thinking? Umm.. Maybe LeeLee (that is me) get that camera out of my face.. hee hee

arden greg mae

The three amigos! Priceless!!

cabell 2

Little Sweet Cabell with a mouth full of cookie!


Even the King Elvis joined us outside! (my mom's dog)

gregory 3

Gregory being his cute self! (he loves the camera, a man after my heart)


My sister's! They too wish I would get the camera out of their face... hee hee!
Oh that is my Sister Mimi in the green she is pregnant with her 6 child! yeah 6!!! She is good at having babies.... And my other sister in the blue is CooCoo, is good at cutting hair but mostly Stress Management! LOL!!


Kristi said...

You have some fabulous pictures of the kids, but I think my favorite shot may be of your sisters blowing you off...
Funny stuff!

Julie Rivera Photography said...

What beautiful pictures! At least, when you stick your camera in everyone's face, you come out with fantastic results! :)