Saturday, May 16, 2009

A place where I find Peace

My pretend place

One of my fav blogs is having a mr linky over and asked us to share a place where we find peace. Well there is not a whole lot of peace around my zoo but Daddio and I have a dream of one day moving out and I mean Out! We would love to find a farm house with some land and sit back and watch the world go by. In my kitchen there is a window that is over my sink and this is the view from it. I look out and forget that we are in a neighborhood with houses all around us. It just gives me a little peace in the middle of a crazy day. The simple things in life!


Anna said...

how beautiful! i love the little bridge. what a peaceful place!

Rebecca said...

I love the tranquility and quiet in this picture. I would never have guessed you lived in a subdivision. Isn't it cool how you can use your camera to find a peaceful place like this??

Beautiful shot! Love it!

Anna said...

Gorgeous. This looks like some place I would love to visit often as well.