Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Penny, Princess and a Potty!

What does a Penny, The Princess and a Potty have in common?

penny, potty, princess

A lot! For me for the next 48 hours. Yesterday evening The Princess came to me with a panic look on her face followed by sounds out coughing and dry heaves. Finally it stopped and she began to cry and tell me what had happened. She had found a penny on the floor and put it in her mouth and swallowed it. I was a little panicked but for the most part this was not out of the ordinary for this Mama! Rog did this 2 times when he was young, so I knew the drill.

Pretty much in a nut shell (by the way speaking of nuts about 6 months ago The Princess decided to stick a peanut up her nose and it got stuck) we have to wait about 48 hours and make sure it all comes out okay. Yikes!!! Yeah this is gonna be fun. Lets just pray when the time comes Daddio will be home or I will be doing the sounds of coughing and dry heaving. YUCK!! I will let you know how it all comes out! hee hee


Sally's World said...

I have something for you, come get it, i think you'll like it lol! xxx

Our Journey said...

Oh Allyson, I hope everything comes out ok! (pun intended) I would pray Mike was here when it happend too :O)

Kristi said...

My first week working at preschool brought a mother coming to me one morning and humbly asking me to "check the potty" behind her son as he had swallowed a nickle a day or so before...
Here's praying that your hubby is home when the time comes!

Lisa said...

Oh No! Neither of my kids has swallowed scary stuff, so I'm amazed you were calm! Now that I think of it, we haven't had any nose incidents either. Wow, I should start praying that KayLi doesn't make up for them.

I'll be praying that your guy is around to do the "checking!"