Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Days!

This week has been a rough one for me. It seems my Permanent Means Streak is kicking in double time. (according to my family) I so could type a whole post about how I am sick of cleaning, laundry, picking up after everyone, dieting and cleaning dog poop off of my shirt but... I won't because we all have days like that right? Okay maybe not the dog poop thing. How did the dog poop get on me this morning? Well a little Princess stepped in an accident that was left by Daisy the dog and then climbed on Mommy while she was sitting at the desk doing bills. Oh yeah, not very Fun! Well, when I normally have days like this and I complain about my life God normally puts something right in my face to make me feel even worse for feeling that way to begin with. Is it just me or does He do that to everyone? I guess what makes it the worst is He is ALWAYS right! That is why I am posting about my wonderful blessed life today. I have the most wonderful, creative, helpful, busy family I could ask for. As I complain about my PMS, cleaning, dieting and dog poo, my family is healthy and together. I am Blessed!

I will leave you with a video from My creative Kids! This is from a Science Project on Newtons Law. Boy Oh Boy, how they so are getting off so easy. No longer writing out a paper, just grab flip and you good to go! Technology.


Our Journey said...

Your boys crack me up!!!! That cupcake looked too good to smoosh up in someones face - I would have to had eaten it!! (I'm assuming you made it, Miss creative??)

Cindy M said...

All we've been doing is running, too...and not for track...color guard, drumline, play practice, soccer...and that leads to much mess and laundry in the house. So I've decided that, for this season, I'm not cleaning. WHY? What is the point? :-) Unfortunately, I eventually HAVE to do laundry...bah.

Great post, Ally! You're not alone in the everyday or in your blessings! :-)