Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Goodbye! New Friend...

trouble 2

It was the most complicated, crazy, nerve racking, heart filled, bittersweet goodbye! I will do my best to make this short and sweet! This little sweet, troublesome, cute, annoying dog found its way to my parents house this weekend. He was cute and alone! After many attempts to try and find the owners, they failed. So we scrambled trying to find him a home. My neighbor and close friend found a great family to take in this sweet little creature and that is when it became a great adventure for him. The family could not pick him up until Tuesday evening so my mom had a brilliant idea to let him stay over night with us to help the passing of the dog go a lot smoother. Well, after some hesitation I agreed! They brought him over around 8:00 pm and the kids were just loving this cutie. The next morning Daddio goes to leave for work and all heck breaks loose!!! Well the dog that is! Daddio opened the door and he darted out fast, did I mention fast!!!! Before we new what happened he was down the street and in the trails near our house. Poor A-man ran out the door PJ's and no shoes (it was 6:40 am). He was MIA for 20 minutes until we saw him running down the road. This happened two more times later that afternoon. Long day! But finally the time had come and we said goodbye! He certainly made things exciting for us this Tuesday in May!


I know he will be Loved at his new Home!


Our Journey said...

How funny!! He really is a cute little dog. I can't believe he's just be wandering around. I hope he doesn't cause his new owners as much trouble.heeee

Cindy M said...

I have to say...these photos are awesome, as well! I have a friend who has a Yorkie that was a stray many years ago. He's a runner...or was...he's aged a bit and doesn't run as far. But he used to wait for unsuspecting visitors to make a break for it and have some fun.