Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cool Giveaway at one of my Fav. Blogs!

So one of my favortie blogs is having a Giveaway! She is a graphic designer and is giving away a blog makeover worth $149! If you go and check out her blog you will find out all the info there and you will see why I am so excited. I totally have blog envy when I visit her blog. Everything is so crisp and clean and her pictures are HUGE! I guess it helps that she is an amazing photographer and her children are just beautiful. If you think that I am being nice and letting you know well, I am kinda nice because I get another chance to win if I post about it too. So I am nice but there is a motive behind it. Hee Hee Well here is the link, go see for your self:

The Beloved M Family

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Our Journey said...

We don't have a "crack-box" (yet) --- but I know quite a few kids and adults that are as just like yours!! I hope you get to enjoy the peace & quiet for a while ;o)

the new puppy is SOOOO CUTE! Anne Marie has been asking for one since one of our good friends just got a puppy too, but now I want the kind your sister has -- so sweet!