Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Candles and Bonfires

birthday ben 4
We had a birthday party at home on Saturday night with just us and Ben invited a few friends to stay the night and play video games.

Sunday we celebrated Ben's Birthday and Memorial Day together. Daddio had to work on Monday so we had a cookout on Sunday instead. Ben always gets to share his birthday with Memorial Day. What a great Honor that is!! I find it perfect for him because his life long dream is to become a U.S. Marine!

We all went to Mimi's house and the guys built a bonfire and cooked hot dogs and smores over it. When it was finally time to go my boys had dirt from one end to the other. I know as a Mom that means they had a good time. It was funny when it was time for dessert they all came pouring in and gathered around the cake. They STUNK!!! They were sweaty, smelly and dirty! Yuk!!! So we handed them their plate and pushed them out the door. We had a wonderful evening celebrating our Hero's!!! Thank you all who serve for our Country & Freedom!!! In our home we never take for granted the price that those pay for us!!!! We are grateful!!!!


My American Hero!! Served in the US Navy!

Sidewalk drawing!

roger fire boy

Roger my Fire Boy!

mae and maggie


tea time

Tea Party....

gregory 3

Action Shot!

cabell 5

Sweet little Cabell picking up the chips that the crew dropped to the floor. She is just so darn cute!


Sally's World said...

these are such great pictures, i love the way you capture the kids especially...the love shines through every time! xxxx

Julie Rivera Photography said...

Looks like a great cookout! And what treasured your pictures will be, I am sure!

Our Journey said...

That is a great picture of him & Arden around the b-day cake! I'm glad he had a nice b-day.