Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can He Fix It? Yes He Can!

Well my Daddio is better than Bob the Builder! This weekend my little Computer Princess was playing her and decided to be a Swiper and steal Mommies FULL cup of Diet Coke (yummy goodness). So she moved in like a fox and took my drink and brings it to the computer were she was helping Little Bill count the numbers. Well just as I spot the very Full glass she hits it and over it went right onto the laptop. YIKES!!! I quickly unplugged it and turned it off and flipped up side down so the liquid would run out and oh girl it came pouring out! I grab the phone and try to decide to call him or not? (I called him) He was a little upset but being good at what he does he told me to take out the battery and leave upside down until he comes home. "Just don't touch it!" When he arrived home he took it apart and set it on it's side and again said "Just don't touch it!" It has to sit for 24 hours. As it sat on my kitchen counter I said a prayer everytime I passed it. This was a 6 month old laptop so I was really praying it would work.

daddio 1

After work the next day he began the process of putting back together.

daddio and princess1

Arden sat and watched and explained "You Never have a drink or food near the computer again, Right Daddy?"

daddio 2

Daddio put the last screw in and pushed the power button and look what we saw:


It Worked! You Go Daddio!!!! He is Better than Bob the Builder, he is my Hero!!


Sally's World said...

yay...i can't fix anything!

Our Journey said...

OH Allyson!! I'm always afraid Anne Marie will do something like this. My laptop is always laying around & she just can't keep her fingers off it. Except Mike and I would never know what to do w/ it! You hubby is a talented man!