Friday, May 1, 2009

Awhhh! Back to Normal....

Track is over and things today were back to normal (I guess it is called normal). For the past couple of months the kids had track practice EVERY day after school until 5:30. When the crew gets home from school in the afternoon they do what they do best! Here is a peak inside our Normal Afternoon!


Ben 1

Ben salt

Ben eating

ben drinking

ben laughing

Funny thing is this was only the starters for his meal. Chicken, Cous Cous, Green Beans, Ice Cream and Chips! Ceral and Milk, then washed down with a Dr. Pepper! Good thing he runs!

THE BOOK WORM! This boy can Read!

roger reading

Then there is the Princess! Geeking out on or how she says it "I pawning noobs" (geek talk she has learned from my x-box boys)

arden playing

****Oh in case you are wondering A-man was hanging out with his cousin! That is what he does best. Mr. Social!


Kristi said...

Oh, how I miss my high school sports days when I had "pre-meals" just like "The eating machine!"
Enjoy a bit of time with no sports schedules!

Sally's World said...

it amazes me what mine put away, if i ate half of it, i'd be the size of a house...mind you without the track, karate, horse riding, dance e.t.c. so would they lol!!!

enjoy a little free time..well, free might not be the right word...but you know what i mean lol!

Rebecca said...

SO cute. :) My sons are only 2 and 3 and I can't BELIEVE how much they eat! It's ridiculous!!! Can't imagine what it will be like when they're teenagers... and in sports, if they end up doing that. Wow.

Great pictures!