Saturday, May 16, 2009

24 stitches Later!

aaron stitches May 15 2009

This Thursday evening the boys were out playing and I was in the kitchen making my menu and grocery list for the next week and in came A-man saying "Um, Mom I kind of need your help." I turn to see and he has blood flowing down his leg. Now first let me explain I DO NOT DO WELL with blood and Daddio was not home to take over on this one. So I did what every good mama would do and I counted to 5 (didn't have time to count to 10) and grabbed a paper towel. A-man insured me that it was not that bad but after a look at it I saw that it was VERY bad. So I gathered the herd and we headed to Patient First. Daddio was able to meet me there an take over so I didn't have to bring the crew in. Then 24 stitches later A-man made his way home to get some rest. It is amazing to me how a "normal" day can turn in a moment. Although it was just some stitches, it makes me hug and kiss my children a little longer.


Sally's World said...

i hope he feels better soon, those are the scariest moments arent they, you hear the scream, see the blood and your heart stops....


Our Journey said...

Oh gosh! That sounds like a lot of stitches!!!!!!! I don't know that I would do well w/ that either. I hope he's doing better.