Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tree Rat!

I LOVE birds! I have even had a few as pets in my life. Now that I have kiddos I don't want the extra work that comes along with having them so I enjoy feeding, watching and photographing them instead. So we have many feeders and bird houses in our backyard which makes it very easy to see a variety of birds as they come to feed. They love the bird seed I leave out for them sunflower seeds, finch food and even hummingbird nectar. Not only does the birds love the food that we put out the tree rats (squirrels) love it too. I have bought every type of bird feeder that is suppose to keep the squirrels out of them and it NEVER works. Those little suckers can figure it out and it normally involves tearing up the feeder. As much as it ticks me off I still have a little love for them too. I guess I would call it a love/hate relationship. They just are so dang smart and cute in a kind of creepy way! I have a bucket of seed on my back deck that is sealed! SEALED!!! Not only did they figure out there was seed in the bucket but they also managed to get the bucket open. How? You ask. Well they chewed right through the plastic and popped the top right off and had a party. My poor little Daisy (dog) is going to loose her mind as they sit on the other side of our sliding glass door and tease her. It is so entertaining!!! Well finally I grabbed my camera and this is what poor little Daisy is dealing with.


Poor Daisy who is loosing her mind! Can't you tell?


Little Stinker! I told they are smart..

squirel 2

Munching Down!!

busted tree rat

A picture worth a 1000 words!!!


So crazy she just decided to sleep it off!
One of the boys buddies (and neighbors) is pretty much a staple around our home. We tease him often by asking him for his social security number so that we may claim him on our taxes. We have even given him a nick name "Rico Suave" and he loves it! Rico has a nice pool in his backyard and the other day he came over and proudly announced "The Pool Is Open!" After many cheers the boys scrambled to get their suits on and rushed out the door. All of them except A-man, who was left with a frown on his face. If you remember what happened Here you would understand why the sad face. So A-man, Arden and myself headed over to hang out on the deck for awhile. He was okay and enjoyed just being able to still hang out with the crew. Fortunately, Friday he too will be able to enjoy the water because his stitches are coming out! Yahoo!!!

ben ricky roger

The three Amigos!


Yeah, he is a goober!

roger ricky ben

Okay, Okay they are too!

arden 5

She is not! She is a Princess....


He is a good sport!

Look at that smile! Looks so much better than a frown!
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birthday ben 4
We had a birthday party at home on Saturday night with just us and Ben invited a few friends to stay the night and play video games.

Sunday we celebrated Ben's Birthday and Memorial Day together. Daddio had to work on Monday so we had a cookout on Sunday instead. Ben always gets to share his birthday with Memorial Day. What a great Honor that is!! I find it perfect for him because his life long dream is to become a U.S. Marine!

We all went to Mimi's house and the guys built a bonfire and cooked hot dogs and smores over it. When it was finally time to go my boys had dirt from one end to the other. I know as a Mom that means they had a good time. It was funny when it was time for dessert they all came pouring in and gathered around the cake. They STUNK!!! They were sweaty, smelly and dirty! Yuk!!! So we handed them their plate and pushed them out the door. We had a wonderful evening celebrating our Hero's!!! Thank you all who serve for our Country & Freedom!!! In our home we never take for granted the price that those pay for us!!!! We are grateful!!!!


My American Hero!! Served in the US Navy!

Sidewalk drawing!

roger fire boy

Roger my Fire Boy!

mae and maggie


tea time

Tea Party....

gregory 3

Action Shot!

cabell 5

Sweet little Cabell picking up the chips that the crew dropped to the floor. She is just so darn cute!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Ben!

ben 2

Today My oldest celebrates his 14 year old Birthday. Wow, He is 14!! I am so very proud of the young man he has become. Happy Birthday My Ben!

Last night he had a few friends stay the night and today we are heading over to Mimi's house to celebrate with the family!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Play time at Grandma!

Yesterday we went to my Mom's house because she has been down with her back. My other sisters and their crew met us there. We had a nice visit and the weather was just beautiful so we sat outside and had a wonderful time. The kids were so happy to play together and I enjoyed it just as much spending time with my sister's and Mom. Fun Day!!

arden 1

Arden having a break!

arden and cabell

Cabell and Arden Playing ball! (okay Arden playing Cabell watching)

arden and mae

What do imagine they are thinking? Umm.. Maybe LeeLee (that is me) get that camera out of my face.. hee hee

arden greg mae

The three amigos! Priceless!!

cabell 2

Little Sweet Cabell with a mouth full of cookie!


Even the King Elvis joined us outside! (my mom's dog)

gregory 3

Gregory being his cute self! (he loves the camera, a man after my heart)


My sister's! They too wish I would get the camera out of their face... hee hee!
Oh that is my Sister Mimi in the green she is pregnant with her 6 child! yeah 6!!! She is good at having babies.... And my other sister in the blue is CooCoo, is good at cutting hair but mostly Stress Management! LOL!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I heart faces, Photo Book

ben 4 f

Well this week at I heart faces they are having Photo contest to be in a I heart faces blurb book. This contest you take your very best photo and enter it. I went back and forth trying to pick from a few of my favs and this is what I came up with. My Ben just looks so grown up and handsome in this photos. I don't have many serious photos of my boys and I got him (okay I bribed him) to do a little photo shoot for me a couple of weeks ago because I got a new lens for Mothers Day and wanted to try it out. So don't forget to go over and check out the entries, just click here!

I am submitting this photo into the www.iheartfaces.com Blurb book photo contest. If chosen, I grant I ♥ Faces permission to use my photo in a printed version of a book for commercial use and possibly advertising of a photo book on both the Blurb and I ♥ Faces web sites.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Can He Fix It? Yes He Can!

Well my Daddio is better than Bob the Builder! This weekend my little Computer Princess was playing her nickjr.com and decided to be a Swiper and steal Mommies FULL cup of Diet Coke (yummy goodness). So she moved in like a fox and took my drink and brings it to the computer were she was helping Little Bill count the numbers. Well just as I spot the very Full glass she hits it and over it went right onto the laptop. YIKES!!! I quickly unplugged it and turned it off and flipped up side down so the liquid would run out and oh girl it came pouring out! I grab the phone and try to decide to call him or not? (I called him) He was a little upset but being good at what he does he told me to take out the battery and leave upside down until he comes home. "Just don't touch it!" When he arrived home he took it apart and set it on it's side and again said "Just don't touch it!" It has to sit for 24 hours. As it sat on my kitchen counter I said a prayer everytime I passed it. This was a 6 month old laptop so I was really praying it would work.

daddio 1

After work the next day he began the process of putting back together.

daddio and princess1

Arden sat and watched and explained "You Never have a drink or food near the computer again, Right Daddy?"

daddio 2

Daddio put the last screw in and pushed the power button and look what we saw:


It Worked! You Go Daddio!!!! He is Better than Bob the Builder, he is my Hero!!
smores cookie bars

This is a new recipe that I found from a fellow blogger. Yum! These are Smores Cookie Bars and they are just so stinking good. Yep, I said Smores... Who does not love some Smores?? I love the yummy taste, they are fun to say Smores and they are so fun to make Smores. Just the smell of them make me think of sitting by the fire with family and friends at cookouts or camping. Okay, let's scratch that last one, camping... I hate it, no I loath it. Something about bugs, cold hard grounds, bath houses and no electricity makes me steer far far away. Well back to the smores bars, this golden glorious cookie bar is filled with Hershey bars and Marshmallow Creme.. Umm Umm! If you are looking to wow your family, friends or even your enemies (they won't be for long) than you should whip up a batch of these. (maybe 2) They are that good!!! My little Eating Machine could not stuff these suckers in his mouth fast enough. I resorted to hiding before they ate the entire batch but he soon sniffed them out and found them, Little Stinker!!!



Smores Bars

1/2 cup butter, soft
1/4 cup brown sugar (did not call for light or dark but I use dark)
1/2 cup sugar
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/3 cup all purpose flour
3/4 cup graham cracker crumbs
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
5-6 Hershey bars
1 1/2 cups of marshmallow creme


Preheat oven 350 degrees, grease an 8 inch square baking pan.
In large bowl creme together butter and both sugars until combined. Beat in egg and vanilla. In a separate bowl whisk together the flour, graham cracker crumbs, baking powder, salt. Now combine the flour mixture in with the butter mix until fully combined. Once combined split in half mix and put 1/2 of mix in bottom of greased baking dish. Then layer Hershey bars on top. (it is okay if it does not cover every bit of the cookie it will spread as it cooks) Then layer the marshmallow creme on top of the chocolate. Then take the rest of the cookie mix and cover the marshmallow creme. Bake for 30 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool completely before eating not only hot but the bars firm up and it taste so much better when the marshmallow creme has a little crunch just like over a fire. Enjoy!
I know I don't have any children old enough to go to the prom yet but my nephew is. My sister and a close friend of theirs asked me to do their before prom pictures which tickled me PINK!

First let me give a little history about me and Photography. I have always been a Mama with A Camera but Way Way back in High School I took 3 years of photography and love it. It was totally my thing. My teacher and I had this wonderful connection and she really helped me to see things in a new and creative way. She even entered a few of my photos (Black and White Film) in contest which one went all the way to New York and won an Honorable Mention. Out of High School I took a Photo Class in College and had a horrible instructor (boring) and it wasn't long after that that I fell in LOVE!!!! My life then took a turn and next thing I knew there wasn't a lot of time left in a day when raising a family. So what is a mom to do?? Grab a point and shoot and be as creative as I could. Every time I purchased a new camera I would upgrade and then finally Daddio bought me a Digital SLR and now I have that thing permanently attached to my face! I am in love with a camera, and Daddio too! So here I am learning as much as I can and practicing on any willing body, animal and flower (sometimes not very willing but I shoot anyway)! Which brings me back to Prom.... My good looking nephew (can I say that?? well of course I can he is good looking!) had his Jr. prom last night I went over to take some pictures of the group he was going with. I had so much Fun!!!! They are were such a great group of kids and boy they all looked so good. Here are a few of my favorites!

brandon and brittany

My Nephew and His Date!

brittany 4

We didn't look 1/2 this good at Prom!

brandon and brittany 3

will and katlyn 3

Check out that dress!! It was even better in person...

katlyn 3

brandon and carter 3

Not sure but they mumble something about this being a tradition photo!??

carter brandon katlyn 3


carter and allison 4

The sweetest couple! and she had the best name ever Ally
brittany flower

group 8

The whole group! Boy that was fun! Thanks gang!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A place where I find Peace

My pretend place

One of my fav blogs is having a mr linky over and asked us to share a place where we find peace. Well there is not a whole lot of peace around my zoo but Daddio and I have a dream of one day moving out and I mean Out! We would love to find a farm house with some land and sit back and watch the world go by. In my kitchen there is a window that is over my sink and this is the view from it. I look out and forget that we are in a neighborhood with houses all around us. It just gives me a little peace in the middle of a crazy day. The simple things in life!
aaron stitches May 15 2009

This Thursday evening the boys were out playing and I was in the kitchen making my menu and grocery list for the next week and in came A-man saying "Um, Mom I kind of need your help." I turn to see and he has blood flowing down his leg. Now first let me explain I DO NOT DO WELL with blood and Daddio was not home to take over on this one. So I did what every good mama would do and I counted to 5 (didn't have time to count to 10) and grabbed a paper towel. A-man insured me that it was not that bad but after a look at it I saw that it was VERY bad. So I gathered the herd and we headed to Patient First. Daddio was able to meet me there an take over so I didn't have to bring the crew in. Then 24 stitches later A-man made his way home to get some rest. It is amazing to me how a "normal" day can turn in a moment. Although it was just some stitches, it makes me hug and kiss my children a little longer.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Goodbye! New Friend...

trouble 2

It was the most complicated, crazy, nerve racking, heart filled, bittersweet goodbye! I will do my best to make this short and sweet! This little sweet, troublesome, cute, annoying dog found its way to my parents house this weekend. He was cute and alone! After many attempts to try and find the owners, they failed. So we scrambled trying to find him a home. My neighbor and close friend found a great family to take in this sweet little creature and that is when it became a great adventure for him. The family could not pick him up until Tuesday evening so my mom had a brilliant idea to let him stay over night with us to help the passing of the dog go a lot smoother. Well, after some hesitation I agreed! They brought him over around 8:00 pm and the kids were just loving this cutie. The next morning Daddio goes to leave for work and all heck breaks loose!!! Well the dog that is! Daddio opened the door and he darted out fast, did I mention fast!!!! Before we new what happened he was down the street and in the trails near our house. Poor A-man ran out the door PJ's and no shoes (it was 6:40 am). He was MIA for 20 minutes until we saw him running down the road. This happened two more times later that afternoon. Long day! But finally the time had come and we said goodbye! He certainly made things exciting for us this Tuesday in May!


I know he will be Loved at his new Home!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. We visited my sister's church as her 2 smallest children were being dedicated yesterday. Then we went back to her home and had a great lunch. My kids just love going to MiMi's house. They just have so much space to run around and act like boys. They played on the slippen slide, 4 wheelers, 2 wheelers, played in the sandbox and ran around in the woods like boys. (I am hoping no poison ivy will pop up) I hope all of you enjoyed your day as much as I did.

cabell and pawpaw

My Dad and Little Cabell

aaron 2

Go A-man!


This was the Princess's first and LAST time down the slide! was not a fan!

cabell 2

Sand box Time!

arden and mae 2

This is where the girls hung out.

carson and greg

This is what the boys did!


And a little of this!

mom and dad 2

My Mom and Dad! This is the Best Mom in the World!