Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trip to the Zoo!

Today we met my 2 sisters and their kids out at the zoo. The kids are out for Spring Break so we thought we would plan an outing for them. We had everything planned even a picnic but were totally caught off guard by the wind... BRRR.... It was so chilly! We had to do some figuring out to wrap the little ones up tight. We had a great time and I got lots of pictures. Enjoy!

Here is me this morning after trying to get the herd out the door... Having a bit of a bad hair day wouldn't you say? Hee Hee

Arden loved feeding the goats and donkey. Princess was not afraid!! It is truly a miracle that the little goat did not get her fingers. Yikes!!

Looking like a princess while checking out the Zebras! Mom Diego has Zebras!!

Arden and Gregory feeding a little deer! Awh!!!

This is King Julien (get it? the movie Madagascar? Lord-of-the-lemurs?)

What a cutie!!! I could so take him home.

Pretty as a Peacock! Oh that is a peacock...

I have always thought that camels seem a bit snooty. Don't you agree? Check them out with their noses in the air. They stink, what do they have to be snooty about? No really they stunk!


Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing your great zoo pics! Looks like your zoo is a lot cooler than ours!

Sally's World said...

fantastic pictures, what a great day...

Our Journey said...

Love your picures (the 1st one is great!) Look like you all had a blast. Is this near your home? Maybe we could plan an outing one day?!?!!

Kristi said...

You got some great animal shots! Cute ones of Arden too, but the animals were particularily cooperative!