Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet Mondays!

Oh how I love Mondays! We had a wonderful weekend and finished it up by hosting a birthday party for my A-man at my sister's house. We cooked out on the grill and the boys went fishing. That was Aaron's request to his dad, "I want to go fishing with Dad." Now do you think Daddio minded? Uh No Way!! Totally his favorite thing to do besides riding his Harley. We had such a great time we lost track of time and didn't get home until 9:30. yikes!!!

Last weekend we went to my sister's mother in laws and took some pictures of the girls while to boys were off fishing in the pond. Most of the boys anyway, Roger decided to hang back with us, he cannot handle fishing. He has to sit still for too long! I guess he knows his limits. Well here are a few pictures we took. Have a Great Monday!!

roger and arden swing

cabell 9

arden 21

cabell 16

arden and cabell

arden 7

cabell 9


Kristi said...

Those are wonderful pictures of the girls, but I love the one of Roger and Arden together ~ such a sweet moment!

Sally's World said...

oh my, how beautiful, what a wonderful day in wonderful surroundings, was it as pure and peaceful as it looked?

Rebecca said...

What gorgeous photos! Glad you all had a fun weekend. My husband can't wait to take the boys fishing this summer. :)

Our Journey said...

Beautiful pictures - what a great place for photo shoot!!