Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!!! He Has Risen!

Today we are still resting after a long day at Busch Gardens. I have so much I NEED to be doing but with a cloudy Saturday like today I just can't get myself going. I did however, get all of my Easter things done. You know being prepared for Mr. Easter Bunny! This year we did not paint eggs, I just think it is crazy to get the kids hand all stained up with dye purple, red, green, and orange then dress them up for church only to find red hands to go with that pretty baby blue dress. I guess that is why they use to put white gloves on the girls back in the day????HUMMM!!!

Tomorrow we will be attending church with my Mom and Dad. Then we will head over to her house for the "$$$$$Famous Easter Egg Hunt $$$$$". My parents put money in each egg, some have a penny, some a dollar but the silver and gold one have Big $$$$ in them. The kids have a ball searching and just as much fun laying out their dough and counting it. Then we have a nice dinner and enjoy one another! (some of us anyway) Awhh Mom's cooking is always the BEST!!

I hope that everyone has a great Easter and pray that we all remember the Awesome Price that was paid for us! He Has Risen!!!! This is one of MY FAVORITE Gospel Songs of all Time! (boy I am showing my age) One of those old hymns that we tend to forget about. I can remember my Daddy playing this on his guitar and singing like it was yesterday!


Sally's World said...

we love busch gardens, did you go on sheikra???

this is a lovely post, and a great addition to teh easter egg hunt, what a great idea...

lovely post as usual, happy easter to you all

sal xxx

Our Journey said...

We hope you all had a blessed Easter!!!

Nicole said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Looks like you've been a very busy mom! phew-great trips! I've been wanting to go to D.C. for a long time-amazing statues and landmarks! :)

Sounds like you had a fun Easter planned! Your children are adorable.