Friday, April 3, 2009

Pulling the Late Night Train!!! or Bus!!

The Washington Monument!

The whole group in front of the Lincoln Memorial!

Ben representing his State!

I could tell this really impressed Ben, he took 7 pictures of just the security at the White House! Totally a boy thing.

Matty in front of the White House! Go Matty!!! It is funny while he was here the President was in England meeting the queen. hee hee

The White House!

The Monument and looking over the city! Great picture! Ben had improved! I will make him a kidarazzi before it is over with.

Ben and Matty and two of their friends!

This was another fav of Bens he took 10 plus pictures of the Memorial of the Iwo Jima! Ben's goal in life is to be a Marine.

More on the Iwo Jima!

This is from the Air Museum

Friday the boys Ben and Matty had to be at the school bright and early as they were headed to the Nations Capital! I think they were looking forward to this trip but it was a long one. Even longer than we anticipated. The crew was suppose to back at the school by 9:30. I text Ben on his cell phone about 8:00 to try and get an idea if they were running on schedule. (you just can never know with DC traffic) Well much to my surprise they were at Wendy's somewhere between hear and DC. They had stopped to get a bite to eat and when it was time to head back on the bus they had some mechanical problems. Oh yeah, they were stuck for a while anyways. Finally at 9:30 pm (the time we were suppose to pick them up) they were back on the road again. It wasn't until 11:00 til they arrived back at the school. yikes! past my bedtime! But other than the exciting Bus Breakdown they had a really great time. In my earlier text to Ben he was excited to report that he got some pictures and even added "good ones too!" I guess he listened to my little tips.

As for the rest of us it was a somewhat quiet day. We invited little Mae down for a play date because today was "friends day" on Nick Jr. Not that they wasted anytime watching TV, they had fun pulling out every toy we own. I tell ya there is nothing better than to sit back and just listen to some of their conversations. Just Priceless!


Jenny said...

Hello, Ally! How wonderful that we both have three-year-old Feng-Cheng beauties! Love your blog - can't wait to learn more about your family...

(I love your blog design. IF you are interested, I can tell you how to fix the border on your header. I only mention this because it made me CRAZY that mine kept getting cut off!) Now that I figured out how to do it, I feel like I should share with other bloggers!!)

Our Journey said...

Thes are GREAT pictures! You guys are having alot of fun w/ your houseguests it seems!

Cindy M said...

Those are great pictures! Your son did a great job! Familiar sights...we were in every one of those places last, but a lot hotter!

I loved that view overlooking the city, as well! He has a good eye for composition.