Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Little Man is Getting Big!

aaron easter sunday

Okay, Okay!! I know he is no longer a Little Man but to me (mom) he will always be my little man. Today A-man turns the big "11"... Gosh I cannot be this old where does time go? It just seems like yesterday he allowed me to do this:

Sprouse 101

Back when I could get by with it I had a theme each year for our Christmas Cards. This year they were Angels (duh??). The very next year I had to give it up and go with pictures by the tree...

Happy Birthday A-man!!!


Rebecca said...

I can't believe he let you dress him up like an angel!!!! I guess if they are young enough... we can get away with stuff like that. :)

My oldest just turned 11 in early April. Feels like such a milestone, doesn't it?

Sweet picture of your handsome boy!

Our Journey said...

What a cool mom -- and how yo got 3 boys dressed up like that -- it is TOO cute! I love it. I hope he had a GREAT b-day... I can' even imagine Anne Marie @ 11 ! It just goes by too fast!!