Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Easter Pictures!

Her are a few more pictures from Easter Sunday. It would have been a "perfect" day if my sister and her family (who live in Utah) were there. Boy, we sure miss them! We are counting down the days until they arrive for a visit in June!

All the girls!

Allie she is just so darn pretty with no effort at all.

This is one of my Fav, Ben having some Princess Time!

This is my sister Mi Mi and her daughter Allie! You can now see where she gets her

Awh and there is little sweet Cabell in her Easter Dress!!! Such a Cutie!

This was another of my favorite. The girls were blowing bubbles and was snapping away!


Rebecca said...

These are beautiful!! You had some gorgeous weather for outdoor pics. :) I love the one of Allie - what a beautiful girl!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Beautiful photos!

Diana (a FengCheng mama)

candice said...

Very cute! The one of her blowing the bubbles is my fav- very sweet looking!

Cindy M said...

LOVED the next-to-last one...the depth of field really adds to the photo! Also love the one of the kids jumping a couple of posts back!