Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lazy Sunday! Just like we like Them!

Today was such a lazy day! Our hot water heater broke Friday night so we are very limited on shower time! Yikes! My sister who lives down the street has offered us to come down and shower when we need to until tomorrow when we can get someone out. So we opted to stay home from church instead of wrestling the whole shower thing at my sisters. It is crazy enough here with out adding to it running down the road to shower. So since we were all at home and no where to go we took full advantage of a quiet day. As soon as the Princess woke this morning she headed out to her beloved "Sandbox!" She spent hours in her sandbox while we enjoyed the lovely weather.

In Her PJ's!

arden and sandbox 1

arden and sandbox 3

Later one of Ben's best buddies came down and drove his "scooter" and Princess begged me to let her take a ride with him. (Yes it is a handicap scooter, and he drives it up and down the road. If you want a ride you MUST give tips to have a turn.) Priceless!!! Well this is how it all went down:

riden with rico

riden with rico 2

riden with rico 3

We have got to work on that whole Princess way to sit! I guess she hasn't got that yet???

meltdown begin

arden meltdown

roger losing it


Arden princess


Sally's World said...

LOL...princesses have tantrums's alot of pressure you know lol!

Cindy M said...

SO many fun pictures on here, Ally! I had to comment on these, though. I LOVE that you're taking pix while she's throwing a fit. HILARIOUS! A mom after my own heart. I giggled at the expression on her big brother's face as he was wearing thin. Hee.

Kristi said...

Thank you for making me feel more normal ~ for a while I was afraid that Arden was always happy to smile at the camera and follow directions. One day even she will be glad that you captured these real moments...

Jenny said...

That is hilarious.

mommy24treasures said...

such a great post:)
Hope the water heater wasn't to costly. I hate unexpected repairs.
Love the story pics:)
She is indeed a princess:)

Our Journey said...

This post cracks me up!! She looks so much like Anne Marie when the "fits" start -- & the fact that you've got pictures -- I have some & people make fun of me -- I'm glad I'm no the only one!heee