Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Farewell to our Matty!

Today we said our goodbyes to Matty! Boy, I had no idea how hard this would be until we walked away from his airline gate. It was such a wonderful experience for our family and we feel so blessed to have had him stay in our home. After taking care of him for the time he was hear he quickly became just like one of our own. He will be truly missed and Ben looks forward to spending time with him in England. He has already started counting down the days.
11 1/2 weeks Whoo Hoooooooo!!!!

Our Trip to The Mall! One of Matty's favorite outings! That boy can shop!!!

Little princess enjoying the fish pond at the mall!

Our farewell picnic for all the students!

Eating some food!!! Don't know what Ben is doing, that face looks kind of mean! I guess he is sick of me snapping pictures! hee hee

On the way out to the airport. Ben and Matty!!

Roger, Aaron , Matty and Ben. Doesn't he just blend right in with my boys!

Group picture at the airport!

More pictures at the airport!

Group picture of all the students and host. I guess they will start this all over in June but on the other side of things! England!!! Look out!!!


mommy24treasures said...

what a wonderful opportunity!
I am glad you had such a wonderful experience.
The trip looks like it was so much fun below!

Our Journey said...

He actually does blend in ... it might be the hair cut -- he's a cutie! I"m glad you all had such a nice time - what a wonderful experience.

Sally's World said...

oh, it looks like so much fun was had by all...it is amazing how quickly we get attached isn't it!You obviously created a wonderful home for him while he was with you...