Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Picture Overload!

Sunday we all went to my parents as planned for Easter and we had wonderful day! The weather was just perfect for the kids to play outside and have an Easter Egg Hunt! I took a TON of pictures so I will share a little at a time this week so you won't be so picture overloaded! I know you are probably wondering why so many pictures??? Well the fact that we had 12 kids and 8 adults that is a lot of faces to snap pictures of! (and the fact that I have learned a ton of new things in my photo class)

Easter Morning Heading out for Church!

Yeah did I mention that out of those 12 kids the majority of them are BOYS!

Little Princess Checking out her new Toy!

The Hunt Began! She was so cute she only wanted to find the Purple ones and when she could find no more she started chasing down everyone else trying to steal their purple eggs! Do you think she likes purple? Can we say OCD!!!!!

Even Little Cabell got into the festivities! Awh!!! She is just so darn cute.

The boys searching for that "Golden EGG!!!" They did not find the Golden Egg but did come home with a good amount of CASH!!!

A-man checking out what he got! He walked away with $12. Not bad for 4 minutes worth of work.

Ben got a handful of dollar coins! He was pretty stoked about that.

This is my Little Sis (Coo Coo) isn't she just beautiful? Well check out those earrings!!!! Yes they are peacock feathers... Her son asked her did she get them from the Zoo...HAAAAHEEEHOOO!!!!! She really didn't wear them with this outfit it was an inside joke kind of thing BUT she so could pulled them off. They really looked pretty good with her shirt.

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Our Journey said...

I love the picture of the boys jumping & the one of Arden in the chair is so sweet!! Your sister is beautiful--I think you guys look so much alike -- and she can pull off those earings! Happy Easter!