Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Almost Wordless Wed

Today after school the kids came home and worked on Ben's project on World War I. He had to do a video of a war scene so a bunch of the kids in the neighborhood and Matty all chipped in and made the video. (explains the toy gun in Matty's hand below) They enjoyed not having anywhere to be this afternoon, just hanging out having fun.

Ben and Matty! Buddies!!

Arden and I had lunch today with Aaron at school! Arden had the drops today she spilt 2 drinks and knocked her plate in the floor. Urgh!!! But we had a great lunch with Aaron.


Jenn said...

Loving the pictures!!! I saw that you were doing Oh Shoot! My sister is your classmate- Sarah Hignite. She is loving it. Your pics are fabulous! I'll tell her to be sure to comment on your pics!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Love the photo of your son and daughter...just priceless. I know I haven't been around to comment, but I'm slowly returning to my old blogging self. LOL