Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where is Spring?

Well it is totally how our weather is! Just a taste of Spring and now it is SUMMER! HOT! HOT! HOT! I just wish we could of enjoyed the Springish weather before we are dealing with such hot days but before I carry this too far next week could be cold again, so I better shut my mouth! The boys had a track meet yesterday and they had to run in 90+ weather. I do not know how they did it. They did have a great meet, Ben ran the mile and he got 2nd place! and Roger ran the 800 and got 2nd. I was one proud Mama!

Go Ben!

Go Roger!

My nephew Mase Running the 4x100! Go Mase!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet Mondays!

Oh how I love Mondays! We had a wonderful weekend and finished it up by hosting a birthday party for my A-man at my sister's house. We cooked out on the grill and the boys went fishing. That was Aaron's request to his dad, "I want to go fishing with Dad." Now do you think Daddio minded? Uh No Way!! Totally his favorite thing to do besides riding his Harley. We had such a great time we lost track of time and didn't get home until 9:30. yikes!!!

Last weekend we went to my sister's mother in laws and took some pictures of the girls while to boys were off fishing in the pond. Most of the boys anyway, Roger decided to hang back with us, he cannot handle fishing. He has to sit still for too long! I guess he knows his limits. Well here are a few pictures we took. Have a Great Monday!!

roger and arden swing

cabell 9

arden 21

cabell 16

arden and cabell

arden 7

cabell 9

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I've been Busy!!!

This week has been such a busy week for me. We had a birthday, bows order, and cookie order. Not just a few cookies I am talking 60 cookies. Last night I put the final touches of ribbon for the cookies and was able to get them delivered today. These were cookies for a Big Cheer leading Competition. (Go K, Hope you Win!) I cannot tell you the weight that was released off of my shoulders once they were gone. The worry of little hands or big hand for that matter finding there way into the boxes. When I make them I always have to make at least 2 dozen more for my kids. I am looking forward to a night off!!! The Dove awards are on tonight and I will be watching... My favorite singer Steven Curtis Chapman will be on and his amazing song "Cinderella" is up for an award or maybe two? Have great Thursday!!!





Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cool Give Away at I heart faces!

This week I heart faces is giving away 5 Blurb books. You can make a photo book and have it published... What a great way to show off some of your photos or just as a memory book for you and your family. Go over and check it out. Click on the I heart faces button below and it will take you there or just click here!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Little Man is Getting Big!

aaron easter sunday

Okay, Okay!! I know he is no longer a Little Man but to me (mom) he will always be my little man. Today A-man turns the big "11"... Gosh I cannot be this old where does time go? It just seems like yesterday he allowed me to do this:

Sprouse 101

Back when I could get by with it I had a theme each year for our Christmas Cards. This year they were Angels (duh??). The very next year I had to give it up and go with pictures by the tree...

Happy Birthday A-man!!!
I have attached a video on how to grow you own bean sprouts! Yep Bean Sprouts!! Bet you didn't even know you could do such a thing without a garden. All you need is a Jar and some beans!

Daddio was eating lunch at his favorite Chinese place and while delighting in his stir fry he noticed for the first time "bean sprouts!" Really noticed them! After he returned home his wheels were turning and decided to google Bean Sprouts and this was the first thing that popped up! The video is priceless! Such a cute couple! Enjoy!

It's Amazing!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lazy Sunday! Just like we like Them!

Today was such a lazy day! Our hot water heater broke Friday night so we are very limited on shower time! Yikes! My sister who lives down the street has offered us to come down and shower when we need to until tomorrow when we can get someone out. So we opted to stay home from church instead of wrestling the whole shower thing at my sisters. It is crazy enough here with out adding to it running down the road to shower. So since we were all at home and no where to go we took full advantage of a quiet day. As soon as the Princess woke this morning she headed out to her beloved "Sandbox!" She spent hours in her sandbox while we enjoyed the lovely weather.

In Her PJ's!

arden and sandbox 1

arden and sandbox 3

Later one of Ben's best buddies came down and drove his "scooter" and Princess begged me to let her take a ride with him. (Yes it is a handicap scooter, and he drives it up and down the road. If you want a ride you MUST give tips to have a turn.) Priceless!!! Well this is how it all went down:

riden with rico

riden with rico 2

riden with rico 3

We have got to work on that whole Princess way to sit! I guess she hasn't got that yet???

meltdown begin

arden meltdown

roger losing it


Arden princess
McP Action is giving away 3 canvas wrapped photos from Color Inc. This is my entry!
I am entering this photo in the MCP Actions/Color Inc. Win a Gallery Wrap Canvas Photo Contest at http://mcpactions.com/blog. I certify that I took this photo and give both parties permission to use this photograph on their blogs/sites.

arden 19

Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun... Mr. Golden Sun!!!

It was so nice to see Mr. Sun today!!

arden spring 1


arden spring 4


arden spring 3

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We Picture {this} Daughters!

arden 2

This month the theme at we picture {this} is Daughters! I just LOVE LOVE this blog.... It has so much talent!!! It is truly an inspiring blog! Don't forget to go and check it out and join in the fun! I chose this picture of Arden I took a week or so ago at the house. I was out taking some pictures of my niece Cabell and Arden wanted to join in and get her picture taken. I just love her expression. This little girl has brought such much happiness to our family and I can't even begin to explain! She is and has always been My DAUGHTER!!!

we picture {this}

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Easter Pictures!

Her are a few more pictures from Easter Sunday. It would have been a "perfect" day if my sister and her family (who live in Utah) were there. Boy, we sure miss them! We are counting down the days until they arrive for a visit in June!

All the girls!

Allie she is just so darn pretty with no effort at all.

This is one of my Fav, Ben having some Princess Time!

This is my sister Mi Mi and her daughter Allie! You can now see where she gets her

Awh and there is little sweet Cabell in her Easter Dress!!! Such a Cutie!

This was another of my favorite. The girls were blowing bubbles and was snapping away!

This week at I love Faces they have a special category for Amateurs! The theme is Spring or Easter photos! This is a picture I took of my niece Mae on Easter Sunday at my Parents house. She had gotten a basket filled with goodies and Bubbles! Don't forget to go and check out the rest of the photos and put one in of your own! Just click HERE!

Sunday we all went to my parents as planned for Easter and we had wonderful day! The weather was just perfect for the kids to play outside and have an Easter Egg Hunt! I took a TON of pictures so I will share a little at a time this week so you won't be so picture overloaded! I know you are probably wondering why so many pictures??? Well the fact that we had 12 kids and 8 adults that is a lot of faces to snap pictures of! (and the fact that I have learned a ton of new things in my photo class)

Easter Morning Heading out for Church!

Yeah did I mention that out of those 12 kids the majority of them are BOYS!

Little Princess Checking out her new Toy!

The Hunt Began! She was so cute she only wanted to find the Purple ones and when she could find no more she started chasing down everyone else trying to steal their purple eggs! Do you think she likes purple? Can we say OCD!!!!!

Even Little Cabell got into the festivities! Awh!!! She is just so darn cute.

The boys searching for that "Golden EGG!!!" They did not find the Golden Egg but did come home with a good amount of CASH!!!

A-man checking out what he got! He walked away with $12. Not bad for 4 minutes worth of work.

Ben got a handful of dollar coins! He was pretty stoked about that.

This is my Little Sis (Coo Coo) isn't she just beautiful? Well check out those earrings!!!! Yes they are peacock feathers... Her son asked her did she get them from the Zoo...HAAAAHEEEHOOO!!!!! She really didn't wear them with this outfit it was an inside joke kind of thing BUT she so could pulled them off. They really looked pretty good with her shirt.