Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Can Make This!

Today I want to share a cool website called "You Can Make This" It has the cutest stuff on it. It has hair bow instructions, dress patterns, cookies, toys crafts, purses,wallets and graphic design stuff. I have bought many ebooks from it and all of the ones I have bought were super easy to follow! I bought the cookies on a stick and this is what I did: (I have made so many I have kind of tweaked them along the way to get them just right and yummy too!)

I made these for my sister to give instead of flowers for a friend who had a baby!

I made these for my mom who gave these to a friend who had just had surgery!

These for easter at my moms house! the kids just loved them (adults too!)

And then I even tried to make an A-line dress and I did it! Now I am not a seasoned seamstress. I just got my first sewing machine 3 years ago and I to make this dress I had to dust it off. The instructions are step by step with photos! So stinking easy!!

Well there you have it! All this fun stuff and more! Go over to and check out all they have to offer. They are even launching a new site on quilting and you can inter to win a new fancy sewing machine!

You Can Make This! Blog


Our Journey said...

Girlfriend!!! Let me tell you what -- how you find the time, I don't know -- but you are one talented chick!!!! You're awesome!

Kris said...

Ally! Those are some amazing pictures! The cookies you did are a real work of art! You really ought to submit those pictures to the "I Made This" section over at YCMT so we can all be inspired!

Cindy M said...

You MADE those cookies???? They're beautiful! Wish we lived closer so you could share your technique! I love to bake, and I can make a mean sugar cookie, but those are really cool!

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness! All of your creations are awesome!! I am SO checking out that site. I want to learn how to make hairbows. Off to check it out. Thanks for sharing!