Monday, March 30, 2009

Trip to Williamsburg & Jamestown

Today the England group and host students got to take a trip to Williamsburg and Jamestown. When the boys arrived home they I began drilling them about their day. I asked if they had fun and they both looked at one another and then said "yeah but kinda boring!" I think that the bus ride to and from was their favorite part of the day. I sent Ben with my point and shoot camera and told him to take some good pictures of the day. Well lets just say that Ben needs some serious compositions lessons. His pictures were not only boring but blurry??? I asked him how he could have done that when the camera is on auto?? Out of the 15 pictures he took maybe 8 turned out clear.

Tomorrow will be much needed down day. Matty will go to school with Ben and then come home for a quiet evening. I will be attempting crepes tomorrow with lemon and sugar for breakfast. I will have to let you know how they do. All I can say is wish me luck! I will leave you with the hand full of pictures Ben took today! Enjoy!

Example number 1! What is it and how did he get it so out of focus it is auto camera???

Example number 2! This would have been an interesting picture if it was in focus, he said it was a sheep head?

This was the best out of them all, all 15 of them. LOL

Humm! Not sure what he was going for here. Maybe it is a guy thing??

What in the heck was this? Not only a boring building but a boring building with a HUGE Oak tree blocking the boring building!

Again, not so sure if he was photographing the water, the rocks, the post, the trees or the bridge!

This is the top of the God Speed ship.

More of the ship and oh look some people in there! I told him you can never go wrong taking photos with people in them.
All kidding aside I love Ben's photo skills! (okay maybe not) but I sure love him regardless if he can take a good photo or not! I have set aside sometime for a workshop with Ben so the next field trip they take the pictures will at least be in focus! Hee hee

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