Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Sun Makes a Come BACK!!

Safety First! I made David Promise Me that they would wear Helmets!
Wonder if this was just for the camera?

Nope, I guess he did listen to me, still wearing a helmet!

Daddio Not putting Safety First, I do not see a helmet on his head?

Pictures, compliments of Ben! I need to teach him to a least roll down the window so you don't see his reflection in the photo.

This is the waterfall that the cabin backs up to.

More out of the window photos!

Matty before their road trip at my sisters place.

Today we woke to the sun peeping in our windows and it was a wonderful sight! It has been raining since Wednesday night here and it has put a big dent in our plans. The forecast seems to look pretty good for the next couple of days. David took Ben and Matty to the cabin in the mountains to take in the wonderful views and do a little 4-wheeling! Woohoo! They could not have asked for better weather, sunny and a nice breeze. They went with my brother in law (the cabin belongs to him) and his two boys and they had a great time. After a day full of riding they ended the day with their favorite treat from the Blue Ridge Pig, Barbeque! David would travel there everyday for dinner if he could. He claims it is the best Barbeque EVER! (if there is such a thing) Matty had a wonderful time and they are all looking forward to their trip to Jamestown and Williamsburg for tomorrow.

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