Thursday, March 26, 2009

Run Forest Run!

My Little Sisters Birthdays was yesterday and I was a big Dummy and forgot it until we were are the track meet yesterday! Happy Birthday CooCoo!!

Yeah this face says it all!!! Big Stinkers!!!! But such a cutie pie!

Today was the boys second track meet. They did very good and I think they won? I really don't get track, the whole points thing. I just watch my boys and cheer just like any other good mama would do. It was very cloudy and cold! Not the best weather for track since their uniforms a so thin and short. We did make it through without rain but as soon as we pulled out the rain start! God totally hooked us up on that one!

FASHION POLICE!!! Just hold on a minute! Yes both of my boys have on some crazy colors with their uniforms! It was cold and they didn't get the memo about the white t-shirts! But look at that stride and form there huh?

If you are wondering yep he got him! passed him!! Go Roger!

Yes the other victim of the fashion NO NO! But his shoes does match his green shirt, that is gotta count for something. Right?

I know I need to work on my action photography! and I should of used my zoom lens! Oh well next time!

Today is the day our exchange student arrives! We are so excited and the boys have been counting down the last few days. Even Arden is asking every morning "Is Matty coming today?" At first I thought Awh how cute she is looking forward to this mystery kid coming but then it hit me!! She is excited because Matty will be taking her room and she will be in her old toddler bed in you guessed it Our Room! Little tricker!!


Our Journey said...

Hey you gotta love the boys for standing out -- and boys were never much on matching anyway. I actually like the green shirt/shoes thing! Your sister is so pretty -- you guys look so much alike. Anne Marie is actually getting her toddler bed set up for her b-day tomorrow.

Kristi said...

In their defense, not much coordinates with maroon very well ~ Kylie always wants to put her Hokie shirt on with pink pants...
I'll be looking forward to hearing about your experiences with your exchange student. Funny that Arden is looking forward to sleeping in your room!