Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Play Day at the Park!

Today the weather was so Spring like we decided to take the girls to the park and enjoy it while it lasted! With Virginia weather you just never know from one day to next what it could be... sunny and warm and a day later snow and then back to warm weather again. So we packed a lunch and grabbed some treats for the ducks and headed out the door. We were able to hook up with my sister and her daughter, Mae to spend the day with. It was just a perfect day for a picnic at the park. The girls played hard on the playground and we feed the ducks, geese, seagulls and even squirrels. It was crazy how unafraid of us these little creatures were. The ducks jumped up on the dock with us and I was hand feeding them. Before we knew it there were ducks, geese and seagulls everywhere and even the squirrels came out on the pier to join in the feast... It was a little creepy at moments, when they were all coming from the back, front, sides and even above in the air.. Yikes!!!! But we made it off the pier with no Bird Attacks and retreated to shore to eat our lunch. The closer we go to the stroller we notice some movement IN it. Yes IN it!!! That darn squirrel had torn open our lunch bag and chewed through the sandwich bag and snagged Arden's lunch. That little tree rat stole her lunch...LOL hee hee ha ha!! Other than the "animal kingdom" we had a great day! We look forward to the warm weather so we may have many more of these trips to the park.

Nothing Like A Good Slide!

The Birds! You can see the fear setting in!

No, I am not afraid, I am just hungry!

Yeah this is the Little Thief!!!

My Little Princess who loves to get dirty!!


Kristi said...

I've got a princess who enjoys finding dirt too! Arden's smile in the slide picture seems to come all the way up from her toes!

Our Journey said...

Don't you just love this weather! It's been up & down in VA for weeks now!! We did the same thing yesterday. The girls are so cute. We always get a little "creaped" out by the seagulls @ the beach when they decide to surround us. Now are you ready for cold weather again? ugh :o(

Tina said...

I am looking for a new camera, what kind of camera do you use with your photos. They are fabulous. We are adopting from Korea and I really want to learn some photography skills to get those good pictures.

Any help would be great!