Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pizza and Video Games!

Matty went to school with Ben yesterday and had a wonderful time. Ben had track practice after school so I picked Matty up to come home and hang out with Aaron. When he got in the car he was beaming from ear to ear! I asked how his day was and with a smile he said GREAT! He told me all the girls loved to hear him talk and one girl even gave him a big hug because she thought he was so cute. So Matty has been much of a ladies man at school. hee hee!
Last night we had a welcome party for all the England Students at a local Pizzeria! They had a wonderful time playing video games and reconnecting with their friends. After eating pizza they all made their way into the arcade and played video games. Even Daddio got in on the fun and raced Matty a couple of rounds. (Matty won every time) The weather was still pretty rainy so we came home and the boys hung out playing more video games!

This morning Roger had a track meet at 7:30 am. YIKES!!! But I let the other boys stay home and get some much needed rest. Then by 11:30 they all dressed in camo and we headed out to play paintball with our youth group at our church. Now things got a little hairy trying to get everyone together and making sure they had all their gear but with much work we made it!!!! After driving around we found a big sign posted: PAINTBALL HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN! FIELDS ARE TOO MUDDY!!
They were so disappointed and I was too for them. So we came home and changed to plan B, a movie. Tonight we will have dinner and play some board games and hang out. We are enjoying our time with Matty and learning about England. He is so easy going and fits right in with our family.

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