Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mom, I wish I were a Dog!

Today my sister invited Arden down to have a Tea Party with her Mae. Since I am so blessed to have my sister at the end of my street Arden and I took a walk down to her house. As we were walking she is making comments about every house we passed. She explained to me that Kyle (one of Ben's friends) is her best friend and the Ms. Sallie (one of my friends) is her favorite. Then we come up on a yard that is fenced with lots of outside toys and a swing set and even a cute little dachshund named Dinks. She had a few questions about his yard and all the loot in the back yard. Here is how it went:

Mom, who lives in that yard? (arden)

Well that is Dinks the dog. (me)

Oh! Is that his house? (arden)

Yep, it sure is. (me)

(wheels turning) Well he has lots of toys. (arden)

Yes, I guess he does. (me)

Mom, I wish I were a Dog! (arden)

Now is that not the cutest! I just love moments like these with your kids and 3 is such a fun age and full of them. I am the luckiest MOM in the World to have such a wonderful family! Just Blessed!!!


Dr. Taco and Dr. Peas said...

Thamks for tellin me about this first!!!!

Kristi said...

It is a dog's life after all...
What a cute conversation! And have I mentioned that I'm a tad jealous that your sister lives ON YOUR ROAD!