Friday, March 27, 2009

Matty Is Here!!!!

Our house guest has arrived!! Last night was yucky and rainy but on our way out we saw a beautiful rainbow on our way to the airport. (good sign right) We were running a little behind schedule which totally stressed me out as I did not want to be late to greet the students but we made it with 2 minutes to spare. I just hate being late for anything and I am normally always early but the rain and distances to the airport threw me off alittle. The boys lined up and held up the signs we had made to welcome Matty. We could see them coming out the gate and they were all dressed in the same color sweatshirts. Matty quickly made his way over to Ben and they did the "cool kid hand shake" and their new friendship began. After everyone was accounted for we headed out and the boys were talking as if they have known each other for years! (how cool is that) Our ride home was full of questions about their flight, his home and family. We feel very blessed that we are able to share our home with such a great young man. He is friendly, polite and has a great personality and we are looking forward to the the time he will be here. When we arrived home he threw open his suitcase and shared with us a photo album of his family and home. After we looked through the album he pulled out some wonderful gifts his parents had sent. Okay! Chocolate!!! need I say more! Yummy Cadbury Chocolate, and a cadbury egg the size of a football! also sent some candy and Prawn Cocktail Pringles! Then he handed me a bag filled with a tea pot and 2 boxes of tea. Umm Tea! It was such a wonderful gesture and we were so very thankful!

After we had gotten settled we were off to bed as he had to be up early to go to school with Ben today. This morning he had great breakfast and he emailed home and out the door they went! Tonight we will have a welcome party for all the students at a local pizzeria. We can not say enough how grateful we are to have him stay with our family as he visits our country.

The group coming in!

Already Friends!

Matty with the Boys!

The Gift of Tea!


I have to share one of our conversations last night on our way to house. We had stopped at my sisters house to pick up Arden (she stayed with her while we went to the airport). I explained to Matty that Angel owned a Children's Hair Salon (pictures below) and they had chairs that you could play video games and watch movies while getting your hair cut. It was so priceless his response to such a place!.......

I love America! (matty)


Sally's World said...

yum, cadburys cream favorites!

Kristi said...

I'm sure you guys are going to have such fun with Matty! What a great way for kids to begin to realize how small the world really is...
And prawn cocktail Pringles make me think longingly for the Skips (a prawn flavored snack) that I ate nearly every day when I was a student in London. We need more shops that sell British snacks!