Saturday, March 7, 2009

A great find for us Newbies!

Well I do not own the big version of photoshop, I use Photoshop Elements 7, and some picnic from flickr for all of my photo editing. Well I always see these great websites that carry actions and presets that I only can wish I had because they are all made for Photoshop CS2 and up and do not see anytime in the near future I will be dropping $600 for Photoshop CS4 so I make due with my wonderful Elements! (which is great and worth every penny!!!) Now that I have whined alittle, I will get to the good part.... I am taking a wonderful online class (Jessica Sprague, Oh Shoot w/ Candice) and the instructor introduced us to a site that has actions for Elements!!!! Yahoo!!!!! I went and purchase a few of the sets and I love them and was so thankful for this information. So if anyone is pouting like me not being able to play with actions go visit this site and see all you can get. She has 3 sets that work with PSE. She includes super easy instruction on how to add them and use them. I have playing with them for hours it cuts editing down so much and let me tell ya I am such a newbie when it comes to photoshop and all that it can do, but I am learning one step at a time and loving every new thing I learn.. Go and check it out and her prices are great too! I will post some pictures later using my new fancy actions....


Chris said...

Hi Ally,
I came across your link on the mamarazzi blog and thought it was a coincidence that I'm taking the same class at and also have a daughter from China. I enjoyed looking at your blog!

G'night Gracie said...

Hi Ally-
Came across your link on "we picture (this) blog and thought it was a coincidence that we both have daughters from China and are taking the same class at We also have the same camera. It's a small world. I enjoyed looking at your blog!