Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crepes, Tea and Fashion!

This morning the crew woke up to crepes and tea! I thought I would try making crepes for Matty this morning. We had pancakes the other morning and he was explaining to me some of the things they eat for breakfast. They take crepes and squeeze fresh lemon and sprinkle sugar on them and roll them up. Then squeeze more lemon and a little more sugar. So I thought I would be adventurous and try making crepes. I did not have a recipe on hand for them so I searched one of my favorite web recipe sites RecipeZaar! I just love this website it not only has TONS of recipes of EVERYTHING but it has real people who make them and rate them. I just put in the search box and bam all the recipes I could ever want! Back to my crepes! So I made them and the first few turn out good but totally not round! Yikes! So Matty came over and should me my technique pouring them into the pan was all so wrong. After a few tries, I came up with the prettiest little crepes! The boys gobbled them up, even with the lemon! One good thing about boys if they are hungry they will try anything. They all really enjoyed them and even request that I make them again.

After the herd left this morning was cleaning up from breakfast. I have to admit, I am such messy cook! I had batter from one end of the counter to the other. Daddio often fusses at me for being so messy when I cook but I always tell him "I clean it up so what does it matter!" Well as I was wiping down the counters I noticed I had not seen Ms. Princess for awhile and thing were quiet, a little to quiet. I go to the end of the stair and yell "Arden?, Arden?" Then I heard the dresser drawer shut and she replies "I am getting dressed!" Well I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story! Priceless! She should make the next cover of Vogue!

Check out those layers! Pants, shorts and a skirt! Oh and she even remembered to accessorize she included her Dora Backpack! I knew I steered her right...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Trip to Williamsburg & Jamestown

Today the England group and host students got to take a trip to Williamsburg and Jamestown. When the boys arrived home they I began drilling them about their day. I asked if they had fun and they both looked at one another and then said "yeah but kinda boring!" I think that the bus ride to and from was their favorite part of the day. I sent Ben with my point and shoot camera and told him to take some good pictures of the day. Well lets just say that Ben needs some serious compositions lessons. His pictures were not only boring but blurry??? I asked him how he could have done that when the camera is on auto?? Out of the 15 pictures he took maybe 8 turned out clear.

Tomorrow will be much needed down day. Matty will go to school with Ben and then come home for a quiet evening. I will be attempting crepes tomorrow with lemon and sugar for breakfast. I will have to let you know how they do. All I can say is wish me luck! I will leave you with the hand full of pictures Ben took today! Enjoy!

Example number 1! What is it and how did he get it so out of focus it is auto camera???

Example number 2! This would have been an interesting picture if it was in focus, he said it was a sheep head?

This was the best out of them all, all 15 of them. LOL

Humm! Not sure what he was going for here. Maybe it is a guy thing??

What in the heck was this? Not only a boring building but a boring building with a HUGE Oak tree blocking the boring building!

Again, not so sure if he was photographing the water, the rocks, the post, the trees or the bridge!

This is the top of the God Speed ship.

More of the ship and oh look some people in there! I told him you can never go wrong taking photos with people in them.
All kidding aside I love Ben's photo skills! (okay maybe not) but I sure love him regardless if he can take a good photo or not! I have set aside sometime for a workshop with Ben so the next field trip they take the pictures will at least be in focus! Hee hee

This week they do not have an adult category! I guess it would be a little awkward to see a bunch of adults with pouting faces. LOL!! So they are having another pet category this week and this is my entry of my sweet LITTLE Daisy! I can remember when Daddio brought her home for my birthday in his pocket. She was so small and she hasn't gotten much bigger since then 3 years ago. Well don't forget to go and check out more cute pets at I LOVE FACES!

This week over at I love faces the theme is pouting! How easy this one was for me as I have tons to choose from with little princess! Her is a picture I took of her one day when we needed to come in and she wanted to stay out with the boys and was laying it on thick! Don't forget to go and check more pouty faces at I LOVE FACES!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Sun Makes a Come BACK!!

Safety First! I made David Promise Me that they would wear Helmets!
Wonder if this was just for the camera?

Nope, I guess he did listen to me, still wearing a helmet!

Daddio Not putting Safety First, I do not see a helmet on his head?

Pictures, compliments of Ben! I need to teach him to a least roll down the window so you don't see his reflection in the photo.

This is the waterfall that the cabin backs up to.

More out of the window photos!

Matty before their road trip at my sisters place.

Today we woke to the sun peeping in our windows and it was a wonderful sight! It has been raining since Wednesday night here and it has put a big dent in our plans. The forecast seems to look pretty good for the next couple of days. David took Ben and Matty to the cabin in the mountains to take in the wonderful views and do a little 4-wheeling! Woohoo! They could not have asked for better weather, sunny and a nice breeze. They went with my brother in law (the cabin belongs to him) and his two boys and they had a great time. After a day full of riding they ended the day with their favorite treat from the Blue Ridge Pig, Barbeque! David would travel there everyday for dinner if he could. He claims it is the best Barbeque EVER! (if there is such a thing) Matty had a wonderful time and they are all looking forward to their trip to Jamestown and Williamsburg for tomorrow.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pizza and Video Games!

Matty went to school with Ben yesterday and had a wonderful time. Ben had track practice after school so I picked Matty up to come home and hang out with Aaron. When he got in the car he was beaming from ear to ear! I asked how his day was and with a smile he said GREAT! He told me all the girls loved to hear him talk and one girl even gave him a big hug because she thought he was so cute. So Matty has been much of a ladies man at school. hee hee!
Last night we had a welcome party for all the England Students at a local Pizzeria! They had a wonderful time playing video games and reconnecting with their friends. After eating pizza they all made their way into the arcade and played video games. Even Daddio got in on the fun and raced Matty a couple of rounds. (Matty won every time) The weather was still pretty rainy so we came home and the boys hung out playing more video games!

This morning Roger had a track meet at 7:30 am. YIKES!!! But I let the other boys stay home and get some much needed rest. Then by 11:30 they all dressed in camo and we headed out to play paintball with our youth group at our church. Now things got a little hairy trying to get everyone together and making sure they had all their gear but with much work we made it!!!! After driving around we found a big sign posted: PAINTBALL HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN! FIELDS ARE TOO MUDDY!!
They were so disappointed and I was too for them. So we came home and changed to plan B, a movie. Tonight we will have dinner and play some board games and hang out. We are enjoying our time with Matty and learning about England. He is so easy going and fits right in with our family.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Matty Is Here!!!!

Our house guest has arrived!! Last night was yucky and rainy but on our way out we saw a beautiful rainbow on our way to the airport. (good sign right) We were running a little behind schedule which totally stressed me out as I did not want to be late to greet the students but we made it with 2 minutes to spare. I just hate being late for anything and I am normally always early but the rain and distances to the airport threw me off alittle. The boys lined up and held up the signs we had made to welcome Matty. We could see them coming out the gate and they were all dressed in the same color sweatshirts. Matty quickly made his way over to Ben and they did the "cool kid hand shake" and their new friendship began. After everyone was accounted for we headed out and the boys were talking as if they have known each other for years! (how cool is that) Our ride home was full of questions about their flight, his home and family. We feel very blessed that we are able to share our home with such a great young man. He is friendly, polite and has a great personality and we are looking forward to the the time he will be here. When we arrived home he threw open his suitcase and shared with us a photo album of his family and home. After we looked through the album he pulled out some wonderful gifts his parents had sent. Okay! Chocolate!!! need I say more! Yummy Cadbury Chocolate, and a cadbury egg the size of a football! also sent some candy and Prawn Cocktail Pringles! Then he handed me a bag filled with a tea pot and 2 boxes of tea. Umm Tea! It was such a wonderful gesture and we were so very thankful!

After we had gotten settled we were off to bed as he had to be up early to go to school with Ben today. This morning he had great breakfast and he emailed home and out the door they went! Tonight we will have a welcome party for all the students at a local pizzeria. We can not say enough how grateful we are to have him stay with our family as he visits our country.

The group coming in!

Already Friends!

Matty with the Boys!

The Gift of Tea!


I have to share one of our conversations last night on our way to house. We had stopped at my sisters house to pick up Arden (she stayed with her while we went to the airport). I explained to Matty that Angel owned a Children's Hair Salon (pictures below) and they had chairs that you could play video games and watch movies while getting your hair cut. It was so priceless his response to such a place!.......

I love America! (matty)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Run Forest Run!

My Little Sisters Birthdays was yesterday and I was a big Dummy and forgot it until we were are the track meet yesterday! Happy Birthday CooCoo!!

Yeah this face says it all!!! Big Stinkers!!!! But such a cutie pie!

Today was the boys second track meet. They did very good and I think they won? I really don't get track, the whole points thing. I just watch my boys and cheer just like any other good mama would do. It was very cloudy and cold! Not the best weather for track since their uniforms a so thin and short. We did make it through without rain but as soon as we pulled out the rain start! God totally hooked us up on that one!

FASHION POLICE!!! Just hold on a minute! Yes both of my boys have on some crazy colors with their uniforms! It was cold and they didn't get the memo about the white t-shirts! But look at that stride and form there huh?

If you are wondering yep he got him! passed him!! Go Roger!

Yes the other victim of the fashion NO NO! But his shoes does match his green shirt, that is gotta count for something. Right?

I know I need to work on my action photography! and I should of used my zoom lens! Oh well next time!

Today is the day our exchange student arrives! We are so excited and the boys have been counting down the last few days. Even Arden is asking every morning "Is Matty coming today?" At first I thought Awh how cute she is looking forward to this mystery kid coming but then it hit me!! She is excited because Matty will be taking her room and she will be in her old toddler bed in you guessed it Our Room! Little tricker!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hair Bow Winners!!

I decided that since 4 (not counting my geeky mom) left comments that everyone will be a winner!
Tammy- bug set!
Kristi- but set!
Cindy- carnations!
Melissa carnations!

Yah!!!!!! So just email me at acausey2@msn.com to give me where to send your bows!!!
I will get them off just in time for all those Easter outfits! (Tammy yours will be wearing them soon) Thanks Everyone!!!!
Today I want to share a cool website called "You Can Make This" It has the cutest stuff on it. It has hair bow instructions, dress patterns, cookies, toys crafts, purses,wallets and graphic design stuff. I have bought many ebooks from it and all of the ones I have bought were super easy to follow! I bought the cookies on a stick and this is what I did: (I have made so many I have kind of tweaked them along the way to get them just right and yummy too!)

I made these for my sister to give instead of flowers for a friend who had a baby!

I made these for my mom who gave these to a friend who had just had surgery!

These for easter at my moms house! the kids just loved them (adults too!)

And then I even tried to make an A-line dress and I did it! Now I am not a seasoned seamstress. I just got my first sewing machine 3 years ago and I to make this dress I had to dust it off. The instructions are step by step with photos! So stinking easy!!

Well there you have it! All this fun stuff and more! Go over to youcanmakethis.com and check out all they have to offer. They are even launching a new site on quilting and you can inter to win a new fancy sewing machine!

You Can Make This! Blog