Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am Hanging Up my Paint Brush!

So Daddio has been pulling alot of hours lately at work and we have some much needed projects around the house done so what is a girl to do? Yep, Dig In and do it herself! The first job at hand is painting! I actually really love painting, I find it very relaxing. Yesterday I pulled out the blue tape and started taping up the trim. When Daddio came home yesterday and saw where I was going with this he totally against it. He is a bit of a control freak when it comes to projects around the house and normally he does them 130% instead of the normal 100%. (yeah perfectionist) I finally convinced him that I am fully capable of painting a laundry room and small powder room after him bringing up a little booboo I made 7 years ago. Okay this was not a small booboo it was HUGE, I spilt the gallon of paint onto the floor...yikes maybe he has a little reason for not wanted me to do this. Well, this morning I was off to the store with my colors in my head and bought 2 gallons of paint. I was very excited and began cutting in all the trim work. I was moving along and things were going great! I can even remember thinking to myself "see I can do this". Do you see where I am going with this..... Yeah, it happened again!! In very slooooowww motion! Not a pretty picture people! After I spent 30 minutes cleaning up my mess (thank you latex paint) I had to make the call. It went kinda like this:

Hi honey! me

Hi, what is up? daddio

Well I got good news and I have bad news, which do you want first? me

Okay, give the bad and what did you do? daddio

(long silence.....) Okay the bad news is, I kinda made a mess again..... me

What!! Did you spill it everywhere again? daddio

Yes, but the good news is you won't have to ever look at those ugly sweat pants that you hate of mine. me

So are you telling me I have to come home and clean up your mess? daddio

No! I did clean it up, I just will never paint again, I promise! me

Good! Daddio

I think it went much better than I thought it would. I did have to eat a little crow but it was pretty painless. So on a lighter note I leave you with this adorable picture of Arden playing with a few of her Birthday gifts: Dora Bathing suit, Dora Gobbles, Dora beach towel and Dora Doll. Do you see the theme here?

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