Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am Back!

No, I did not take up my sis's habits of blogging, I have a great excuse. Well my last post was about my Ben not feeling to well, it went from bad to worse with him and he ran a fever and just felt awful. He finally went back to school on Tuesday and that night I started feeling pretty crummy myself. So dear old mom, (that's me) got to share in the germs. So after a rough night of chills, fever and aches my dear sweet husband decide to take a vacation day and stay home and take care of me and run the house. I seriously do not know what I would have done without him!!! I am finally feeling better and I have so much to share!

First, Let's all do the Praise Jesus Dance!!! Our friends who I posted a prayer request for heard news on Tuesday and it was a HUGE answer to prayer! God slayed their GIANT!!! (like we knew He would) What an awesome victory this was for this family. Their fight is finally over and they have won!!! Yah Woah Yippee!!! Prayer works People!! Thank you all for praying for my friends.

Roger was picked from his gym class to perform a square dance at a school assembly. Though he was not admitting to it I think he was pretty excited. The letter sent home stated we could go and see them either at practice or at the assembly. I asked Roger which he would like me to see and he replied "defiantly practice! I know you are gonna take pictures and that would just be embarrassing." So Tuesday afternoon Arden and I went to watch him practice and it was pretty cool. Arden really got a kick out of it! It was funny she said "mom that is not a square dance that is a circle dance" is she just to smart for herself or what???? How does a 3 year old know to observe that a Square Dance should be done in a square not a circle? Just scary... I did manage to snap a few photos while taking a breather from holding Arden back from going to see her brother. Roger did his performance at school and said they did not make one mistake. Go Roger!!

Ben found out on Tuesday that his exchange student he is teamed up with for the England Exchange student program and was able to email him. It was pretty cool. Ben sent him about how excited he is to see England and meet him and his student wrote Ben back and said "I can't wait to visit America and do you have any pets?"
Well that can mean 1 of 2 things in my book:
1. He is afraid of pets
2. He loves pets
So what does Ben do??? He emails him back and says "Yes I do have pets, 2 dogs and they bite too! Ha ha I am just kidding do you have any pets?" (He is so much like his dad always joking around) So today I guess we will hear back today and maybe we will know which one of the 2 it is.
Aaron, I guess I need to talk about A-man to since I have spoke of everyone else. Aaron has had a great week too. He has been doing what A-man loves doing "playing video games" He was a little ticked off when I had to c/a our lunch date but being I was sick he gave me a little slack so tomorrow I will be having lunch with him to make it up.

Well Another busy weekend planned but with lots of celebration!!! Let's just hope everyone else stays well! Until Next time!!


Our Journey said...

Sorry to hear you were sick - glad you're feeling better. Ok -- I can just imagine square dancing & my mom taking pictures -- I remember square dancing in middle school...oh the agony! (haa) And what a smarty (Arden) knowing the the kids were in a cricle!!

Jennifer Bowen said...

So happy to know you're feeling and your son are feeling much better. Sounded like my household a few weeks ago...everybody passing around the sick germ. :)

Square dancing is fun. I hope your son enjoys the class. And I hope you get to see him during his performance, too.

Welcome back to blogging. LOL

Cindy M said...

I'm assuming that the photo with the hand over the face is of your son. I want to thank you personally for posting that picture...I am not alone in photo stalking my teens. Remember the Phoenix trip...last day? Someday they'll thank us...