Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gotcha Day Party!

We had a wonderful end to our week by celebrating Thursday night with a Gotcha Day Party! It was a G Girl Special, last minute throw together party but was a huge success! (my maiden name is G and when ever the brother in laws talk about our crazy habits it is always "the G girl Way") I made homemade pizza & salad and then to finish off the night I made Arden a Gotcha cake. She requested Purple flowers, "just like Dora, Mom" so she got purple flowers... It was funny when it was time to say our blessing before we ate we asked Arden which blessing she wanted to say "God is Great" or "God our Father" (yes she runs the roost around here) and she said she wanted the "Gotcha Day Prayer" and we all just went with it...
Gotcha Day, Gotcha Day,
Gotcha Day, Gotcha Day
Thank you Gotcha Day, Gotcha Day...
and then Daddio finished up with one of his prayers. It was so funny. All day the boys have been singing this to her and she just tied in right into a prayer and then at cake time guess what we sang? Yep Gotcha Day again!
Most of all she knew this was a special day for her and my job was done!!!
We are just so Thankful!


Paige said...

what a cute idea to celebrate you Gotcha day. At first I couldn't figure out what that was and then it all clicked. Well it is almost someones birthday too. I love her hair she looks so cute.

Kristi said...

I love peeking in and seeing how others celebrate Gotcha Day! Arden sure looks like she enjoyed her cake!

Abbie said...

Your daughter is so cute. I came over for 4 Crazy Kings. I am a Korean American adoptee but never did this with my family. When I was adopted in the 1970's assimulation was the ticket, and although I always knew I was adopted, it wasn't a big deal, or a super-special thing. I think this celebration you do with your family is great! Thanks so much for sharing.