Saturday, February 7, 2009

Busy Saturday!

Today we all went in every direction... Daddio had to work, Arden and I had a Baby Shower, Ben started his "job" today and the boys went to my dads. Swhhh!! Very Busy... My sister in-law had her baby shower today and it was a great time. Denise got lots of great baby gear and lots of clothes. Arden enjoyed helping open all the gifts and spending time with her cousins.

Ben started a "job" today helping Coo Coo at her hair salon by sweeping hair and cleaning up after the stylist on Saturdays. He jumped at this opportunity as it will help him earn some spending $$ for his trip to England. When he got home today he was POOPED!! I think it didn't help that he is coming down with a cold so he showered and was off to bed. Poor Ben!

Roger and Aaron went to hang out with PawPaw today while the girls went to the shower. When I picked them up they were DIRTY!!!! They played outside all day long. The weather was just beautiful, so being outdoors was no question for them. It also helps that PawPaw has a cool golf cart they get to drive around the yard. When my dad came out he gave me one of those looks like "what am I gonna do with these boys" they had gotten a little crazy with the golf cart and tore up some of his back lawn. Opps!!! Now before you all get a mental picture in your head let me explain, my dad has maybe a 10x10 area of grass so messing up that 10x10 space of the ONLY GRASS he had was pretty BIG!!! Sorry Paw Paw!! Thank goodness he is a good sport about stuff like this and he just shakes his head and shrugs it off. Good old PawPaw, we love you and the boys just love hanging out with PawPaw!!

Roger, Named After My Dad (PawPaw)

But what is so funny we should have waited to name Aaron after my dad

because he is the one who looks just like him...


Sandy Toes said...

Lately, I have had to many days like that:(!
-sandy toe

Jennifer Bowen said...

Definitely a busy day for your whole family. You have such handsome boys. :)

Kristi said...

Great shots of your boys! They are so handsome!

Julie Rivera Photography said...

What striking eyes your boys have! Hope you are ready for the girls... :)