Monday, February 23, 2009

Are you Plugged In?

Well it is no secret that parents cannot keep up with ALL the latest video games, movies, music and tv. I could not tell you if one video game is okay and one is totally off limits. I also do not have the time to read up on every new release but... it is so important to me to KNOW what they are playing, watching and listening to. So what is a parent to do? Yep, I am gonna tell ya!

Go to: Plugged In Online and save it on your favorites!!

It has everything a parent needs to know. It is kinda a cheat sheet for parenting. For example, my Roger wanted a new video game and even saved up his money to get it. He came to me last night and wanted to go an get his new game. I asked him a few question and every response was "sure mom it a good game!" So just before I said okay I grabbed the computer and went to plugged in and wouldn't you know, I got an eyeful!!! This was not an OKAY game! I was far from an okay game! Swh!!! Thank you plugged in!!!

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