Monday, January 19, 2009


ta·pas (ta'a pa`ass)- Spanish snacks: small snacks that are often served as an appetizer along with alcoholic drinks, originally in Spain

Okay so I promised you all a post on its own for the place we found to eat. The first night we checked in to our room it was around 6:30ish and very cold. So we got all of our gear into the room and ooooed and awhhhed over the wonderful view and then headed back to the front desk for suggestion for dinner. Bruce, who was working the desk that night told us of a place that was about 5 minutes that a lot of the locals go to and it is pretty good. He also said not a lot to choose from this time of year, not much open. So we jump in the car and start our journey to find dinner. To make a long story short it was a small bar that served bar food and was okay.

Then Saturday night we had made plans to find a good seafood restaurant to have a nice sit down dinner for our last night. We asked a few of the locals we had seen through the day and no one really had a suggestion. Well before we left a friend of mine said they had recently been to this beach and they ate at a really great tapas restaurant and loved it. (now I had no idea what a tapas restaurant meant so she explained it as "they serve lots of little appetizers") Well Saturday evening finally came and we still had no idea where to eat, so off to the front desk again as our last option. Well it was Bruce again and he suggested a great place that was a Tapas Restaurant right next to an Italian restaurant (that he said wasn't that great). So we were off again in search for good seafood and relaxing dinner. So we pull up and there were many cars in the parking lot and we are thinking this is a good sign. Then the closer we got we could see that everyone was in the Italian place and not the Tapas joint. Humm??? (that should have been our first clue, doncha think) So we cautiously entered this place and well I must explain the setting so you can get the full picture here. It was very dark and had a HUGE bar right in the middle, lots of artsy pictures everywhere and no one was there but US! We then find a seat and start looking at the menu... because it was so very dark it made it very challenging to view the menu. Now we know some pretty impressive lingo in the culinary world (we watch food network you know) and it was a good thing because the menu was full of them. The menu was 6 pages long and only 2 of those pages were food, the rest were drinks, beer and wine. Well I am starting to see a little problem with this because we don't drink so I lean closer to David and say:

"hey do you think maybe we should go somewhere else????"

David say to me "Well, kind of but I would feel a little funny we are the ONLY people here."

Me "But I think this is more of a place that you drink alot and eat alittle"

David "Well lets just give it a try"

So we stayed (against our better judgement) and ordered our food with coffee and tea. We both knew that our meals were going to be small after reading the meaning of tapas on the front of the menu but how small they really were we had no idea until it was placed on our table. I had ordered beef tenderloin with a blue cheese potato cake that was literally 2 bites of meat and potato (even for a small appetite this would have been bad). David ordered scallops wrapped in prosciutto with green collards with a reduction sauce, he got 2 scallops and 10 green beans. Yes, green beans even though he the menu said collards. So after taking about 2 minutes to finish our dishes we ask for our check and shelled out $50 for maybe $15 worth of food that was without any drinks, no wonder this place can stay open even when their business is so little. Yikes.... So we both chucked this dinner down to a big learning experience in

1) Tapas Restaurant: don't go there if you are hungry
2) Tapas Restaurant: another name for Lots of $$$$$ little food
3) We should have gone with our first instinct to leave and go for the Italian joint
Last but not least Don't listen to Bruce again.... Nice guy but not a good food critique

Sorry Connie we will not be placing this on the list of places to go...LOL... but boy it did make for a good memory on our trip..... hee hee



Kristi said...

That's too bad on the tapas place. The best (and by far the cheapest) meal we ate in Spain a few years back was a tapas place, but maybe you have to go to Spain to get the real thing.
Oh, and Ian and I have a rule about restaurants, if we are going to be the only car in the parking lot ~ no matter how glowing the recommendation ~ we go somewhere else...

Connie said...

Gee, Ally, when we were there the restaurant truly was packed, very soft cozy music, windows a bit foggy as it was cold then as well, we tried a number of different tapas and all were excellent...guess I forgot the majority of the menu was drinks. Well, it was intimate, right, and you should have received excellent service...and something you will never forget:-)