Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunsets, Wild Mustangs and Plenty of Rest!!

This weekend David and I had a wonderful weekend getaway!!! We celebrated our 15th wedding Anniversary. Our real anniversary is Dec. 17th but with Christmas we never get to do very much, it is just way to busy. So we decided we would pick a weekend and head off to the beach. Sure it was cold but it was so peaceful and quiet.... We had an amazing time. We stayed at this wonderful Inn that was on the sound side of the ocean and it had the most amazing sunsets that we could view from our picture window in our room sitting by the fireplace. (it doesn't get better than this) It was worth the trip just to see those every evening. We also took an adventurous trip to see the Wild Horses that roam the end of the island. It was so much fun, we had a wonderful tour guide and because it was off season and VERY cold we had our own private tour. The tour took you to were the road ended and to go any further you must have a 4-wheel drive vehicle as the beach is the "road". We saw about 5 different herds of wild mustangs and even jumped a few hills...yikes! There was one point I got a little uneasy as we were heading through some pretty deep waters and the ice was to thick for the big truck to go through but thankfully our guide knew his limits and backed out...(thank you Jesus) We also went and saw a beautiful Lighthouse and walked around the grounds. The positive side of going to beach during off season is no traffic, no crowds, discounted rates and it is nice and quite. But.... the negative is most everything is closed!!! We had the hardest time trying to find somewhere to eat. Yeah, they had a grocery store and we could of cooked in but we wanted the true R and R. We did find a few places to eat (more on that later it deserves it own post) but we had a wonderful weekend and we vowed to not let opportunities like this come to far between. Glad to be HOME SWEET HOME!!!

This was the view out our window!

This stallion was a loner, our guide said he was probably was chased away by another stallion and by the looks of his back I am sure it was true, he had marks all over him...

He was another stallion from a different herd... so pretty

Such beautiful creatures... these wild mustangs have been roaming this beach for over 500 years, said to have been brought over by the Spanish

The Light House we visited. We were unable to climb,

it was closed for the season.

Such a Beautiful Beach... We saw God's Fingerprints all over the place...


Paige said...

Your pictures look like a postcard! I am glad you guys had a good time!

Our Journey said...

What a nice getaway --- the beach anytime of year is wonderful! You took GREAT pictures -- that 1st one needs to be framed! Happy Anniversary (a little late)!!

mommy24treasures said...

your pictures are beautiful! LOVE the horse!!!! Love the colors.
Looks like a beautiful trip.

Kristi said...

Sounds and looks amazing! That makes me even more excited for our get-away this summer to Yellowstone for our 10th anniversary. Congratulations on 15 happy years!

And AMAZING pictures by the way!