Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Special Day!

Sorry for the mass of post but I am playing a little blog catch-up!

Last week I celebrated my birthday and my parents always invites our family down for a good home cooked meal by "my wonderful mom" and it was yummy! She had my special plate set out for me, just like old times. I tell ya, there is nothing like a cooked meal by your mom. She served Curry Chicken with rice and homemade rolls. The best part was my cake! Carrot cake! Do I like carrot cake....umm not really... but she did save me a ton of calories and love her for it because summer is fastly approaching! Yikes.. We had a great evening!

Thanks Mom and Day! You are the Best!!!


Our Journey said...

Happy Birthday!! (late) but I hope you had a wonderful day!!!! p.s. and while I'm here posting -- I love the picture of Arden in the last post -- too cute!

Julie Rivera Photography said...

I love that "You are Special Today!" plate..what a great idea and obviously, it means a lot to you. I think I will have to find such a thing for my little girl. And I would have been a goner with the carrot it!

Cindy M said...

Another belated birthday wish! Beautiful photos, by the way! Are you shooting on manual?