Monday, January 5, 2009

Look Who is Blogging!!!

My sister and her family live in Utah, a great ways away.... and she has started a blog to help us over on the east coast to keep up with her daily ups and downs and all around!! Just when I think I've got it rough, I think of her schedule and yikes..... it scares me. Her husband is in the Air Force and always being shipped here and there, she has 4 kids, she rides horses which she scoops poop, cleans out stalls, feeds and waters Monday-Saturday, has full time job and oh did I mention she has 4 kids.... Boy, it makes me tired just thinking of it. But I am very proud at the wonderful person she has become. Something about your LITTLE sister growing up makes you a little warm inside or is that just a hot flash because that means I am getting much older???

Well go over and check out her blog, she has such a wonderful family!

Just click on the the picture and it will take to here blog!

Oh my other sister here locally has blog to, but no need to visit she hasn't posted since the 1st of November.... yeah not a good blogger!!!!


Paige said...

Ok so you just made me cry! I am only trying to be like you, Steve says I am getting pretty dang close! I miss you guys so much, it is so hard coming home after being there. It just wasn't long enough but I don't think it will ever be.

Anonymous said...

don't I just have the best family!!! I love all of you!!