Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Look Like Dora!!!

Today Arden skipped school to have a Mommy and me day. We went to my sisters hair salon and she got a new doo!!! Arden is forever saying "mommy my hair is so crazy" because we were letting her bangs and her hair grow out and when I didn't have a clip or pony o in it it was hanging in her face. This is something that bugged Daddy so much. He kept on me trying to get me to cut her hair so she would have some relief. Well today I caved... she got a hair cut and it looks so adorable I wish I'd had done it sooner. After Coo Coo (that is what all the nieces and nephews call my sister) finished her hair, Coo Coo told her she looked just like Dora! Boy did that bring a smile to her face... So now when someone comments on her cutie hair cut she replies with "I look like Dora!"

Almost Done!!! Doesn't she look so cute??

The best Hair Stylist Around!!


Our Journey said...

I LOVE her new cut --- when Anne Marie's hair grows out I"m making an appt. w/ your sister!!!!

Kristi said...

She looks so precious! I want to come to Coo Coo's salon and have her give Kylie a new "do!"

The Nicely's said...

O my Ally, you are making me want a China Doll! Seriously I've already mentioned it to Rick! ISn't today your special day? I hope you had a Happy Birthday! Lov eyou! Michelle

SKELLER said...

Oh! Her haircut is totally darling.

As an aside... your beautiful picture of your daughter (post below) was actually one of my personal "top 5" favorites from this week's I Heart Faces contest.

Amy & Angie definitely had a tough job choosing just ten!!

Cindy M said...

Okay, that's it...she is just too stinkin' beautiful. I LOVE IT! I want Caroline's hair to look like that....but she needs more hair! You'll have to use your imagination to include my whining in the above statement!

Missed your birthday? Hope it was happy!