Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hanging out With Friends!

Today we had "the cousins" over! The boys and girls had a day of fun... Arden and Mae played dress up and explored outside. They loved picking the berries and throwing a few leaves that have been left behind from our landscaper and crew...(hee hee that would be the man of the house and boys) The guys hung out and played video games, airsoft and roller hockey. The weather was chilly but nice. It was a great Saturday with family!
My Sweet Aaron!

My nephew Carson...just look at them eyes!

Mae picking berries!

Arden throwing leaves!

Little sweet hands!

Little Princesses!


Kristi said...

Mae and Arden together are almost too much sweetness for one blog post! I wish that my kids had cousins to play with...

Our Journey said...

Your nephew has beautiful eyes!! And those eyelashes -- it would make any girl jealous!! I LOVE the last picture of the two girls - So sweet!

Gabe's Girl said...

I could just pinch their cheeks. How adorable. Great great pictures!