Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day At the Park!

Today was such a treat! David's work schedule always includes working Saturday. He does not have the seniority yet to be blessed with a Saturday off. Yesterday he surprised me with the news he was taking the day off. Normally when he request a vacation day it is because we have something to do. This time we had no where to be and nothing to do... We decided to pack the kids and dog in the car, pack some lunches and head to the park. The weather was just a little chilly but the sun helped warm the day even more. The kids were able to run around and play on the swings and hang from the monkey bars... I even packed some bread to feed the ducks. David really got a kick out of this, I didn't have any sandwich bread laid out so I grabbed 2 loafs of french bread. He thought the ducks had a gourmet lunch today because we were feeding them $3 a loaf bread. Watching the kids throwing the bread together, I got my $6 worth and more. It was a fun day and wonderful to be able to do something together without video games, computers, telephones and not looking at our watches. Thank you Lord for days like these!

Princess Enjoying the Swing!

Aaron Playing with Arden on the swing!! I just love that face!

Going for a Sweet Little Walk!! to the Potty...

Time to feed the Ducks!!!

Even Ducks with fros!!! The kids loved this one!!

Max didn't want to feed the ducks he was ready to EAT the Ducks!!! Yikes!

Ben Loving on his Little Sister!!!


Our Journey said...

These are beautiful pictures!!!! You need to frame some of these. Your family is just so sweet together! I hope you all had a great Christmas & New Year!

Kristi said...

We enjoyed a day outside today too! I'm glad you had a vacations day to enjoy together!

Paige said...

oh my gosh those pics are beautiful. The kids look like they had so much fun, and Max too.Miss you guys so much!