Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prayer Warriors.... i....

I am asking for all those who believe the in the power of prayer to please join me and pray for dear friends of ours. I want to be very sensitive to their privacy on this so I will give a little of their story. My dear friends are going through a scary battle right now and Monday Feb. 2 could be a huge turning point for their fight. The turn could be for a victory or a long drawn out battle. I believe God is in control no matter the outcome but as believers we can pray for that outcome to become a victory! Please today, this weekend and Monday remember Rick and Michelle and their precious baby girl Hope Victoria and ask that God would see favor on their battle!

***I think this picture speaks volumes to who our God really is, not only does he create the most beautiful skies but he even put his signature on it. If you look at the photo you can see the sun and the reflection on the water makes a "i". Our God is so cool like that, He sends us little reminders on how really BIG He is!

God said to Moses, "I am who I am . This is what you are to say to the Israelites: 'I AM has sent me to you.' " Exodus 3:14

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Special Day!

Sorry for the mass of post but I am playing a little blog catch-up!

Last week I celebrated my birthday and my parents always invites our family down for a good home cooked meal by "my wonderful mom" and it was yummy! She had my special plate set out for me, just like old times. I tell ya, there is nothing like a cooked meal by your mom. She served Curry Chicken with rice and homemade rolls. The best part was my cake! Carrot cake! Do I like carrot cake....umm not really... but she did save me a ton of calories and love her for it because summer is fastly approaching! Yikes.. We had a great evening!

Thanks Mom and Day! You are the Best!!!

Again just confirming what I posted earlier about how easy it is to photograph Arden and the boys well..... just see what I mean!

Just Natural and Sweet!

The proof is in the puddin people! (still very handsome though)

My Little Sunshine!
Joy Dec 2008

Week 3 of I love Faces! This week they had a theme and it was Joy! Now before you start saying "man she sure takes alot of photos of Arden and forgets about the boys" let me do some explaining. Arden loves for mommy to take pictures (of course they is normally a motive involved in the form of a Popsicle) but the boys just groan everytime I point the camera at them or give me a "posey" look like I described here. So that is my reason behind the overload of Arden pictures and well I also happen to think she is the most beautiful little princess around!
Back to the contest! I took this picture in while the boys and Arden were messing around. She just loves "my boys" that is what she calls them and boy do they love her. She has Brought so much JOY to our family I cannot imagine life without her, she is truly a Treasure from God!!! Here is a link to the I love Faces, go and check out what I am up against...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hanging out With Friends!

Today we had "the cousins" over! The boys and girls had a day of fun... Arden and Mae played dress up and explored outside. They loved picking the berries and throwing a few leaves that have been left behind from our landscaper and crew...(hee hee that would be the man of the house and boys) The guys hung out and played video games, airsoft and roller hockey. The weather was chilly but nice. It was a great Saturday with family!
My Sweet Aaron!

My nephew Carson...just look at them eyes!

Mae picking berries!

Arden throwing leaves!

Little sweet hands!

Little Princesses!

Today we were pulling out some stuff to get ready for our Chinese New Year Party and the boys and Arden were having a little fun. Roger had some fun and pulled out his flip video camera and taped some of the action... Enjoy!

Warning: Very Loud and Crazy (just like my house all the time)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Look Like Dora!!!

Today Arden skipped school to have a Mommy and me day. We went to my sisters hair salon and she got a new doo!!! Arden is forever saying "mommy my hair is so crazy" because we were letting her bangs and her hair grow out and when I didn't have a clip or pony o in it it was hanging in her face. This is something that bugged Daddy so much. He kept on me trying to get me to cut her hair so she would have some relief. Well today I caved... she got a hair cut and it looks so adorable I wish I'd had done it sooner. After Coo Coo (that is what all the nieces and nephews call my sister) finished her hair, Coo Coo told her she looked just like Dora! Boy did that bring a smile to her face... So now when someone comments on her cutie hair cut she replies with "I look like Dora!"

Almost Done!!! Doesn't she look so cute??

The best Hair Stylist Around!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Love Faces Week 2!

This is week 2 of the i love faces blog picture contest! It is so much fun wheter you win or lose. This is a photo I took of my little princess one night while I was putting her to bed. I would dare say this is one of my favorites!! She just looks so natural and beautiful. Thanks for looking and don't forget to go and check out I love faces here.

ta·pas (ta'a pa`ass)- Spanish snacks: small snacks that are often served as an appetizer along with alcoholic drinks, originally in Spain

Okay so I promised you all a post on its own for the place we found to eat. The first night we checked in to our room it was around 6:30ish and very cold. So we got all of our gear into the room and ooooed and awhhhed over the wonderful view and then headed back to the front desk for suggestion for dinner. Bruce, who was working the desk that night told us of a place that was about 5 minutes that a lot of the locals go to and it is pretty good. He also said not a lot to choose from this time of year, not much open. So we jump in the car and start our journey to find dinner. To make a long story short it was a small bar that served bar food and was okay.

Then Saturday night we had made plans to find a good seafood restaurant to have a nice sit down dinner for our last night. We asked a few of the locals we had seen through the day and no one really had a suggestion. Well before we left a friend of mine said they had recently been to this beach and they ate at a really great tapas restaurant and loved it. (now I had no idea what a tapas restaurant meant so she explained it as "they serve lots of little appetizers") Well Saturday evening finally came and we still had no idea where to eat, so off to the front desk again as our last option. Well it was Bruce again and he suggested a great place that was a Tapas Restaurant right next to an Italian restaurant (that he said wasn't that great). So we were off again in search for good seafood and relaxing dinner. So we pull up and there were many cars in the parking lot and we are thinking this is a good sign. Then the closer we got we could see that everyone was in the Italian place and not the Tapas joint. Humm??? (that should have been our first clue, doncha think) So we cautiously entered this place and well I must explain the setting so you can get the full picture here. It was very dark and had a HUGE bar right in the middle, lots of artsy pictures everywhere and no one was there but US! We then find a seat and start looking at the menu... because it was so very dark it made it very challenging to view the menu. Now we know some pretty impressive lingo in the culinary world (we watch food network you know) and it was a good thing because the menu was full of them. The menu was 6 pages long and only 2 of those pages were food, the rest were drinks, beer and wine. Well I am starting to see a little problem with this because we don't drink so I lean closer to David and say:

"hey do you think maybe we should go somewhere else????"

David say to me "Well, kind of but I would feel a little funny we are the ONLY people here."

Me "But I think this is more of a place that you drink alot and eat alittle"

David "Well lets just give it a try"

So we stayed (against our better judgement) and ordered our food with coffee and tea. We both knew that our meals were going to be small after reading the meaning of tapas on the front of the menu but how small they really were we had no idea until it was placed on our table. I had ordered beef tenderloin with a blue cheese potato cake that was literally 2 bites of meat and potato (even for a small appetite this would have been bad). David ordered scallops wrapped in prosciutto with green collards with a reduction sauce, he got 2 scallops and 10 green beans. Yes, green beans even though he the menu said collards. So after taking about 2 minutes to finish our dishes we ask for our check and shelled out $50 for maybe $15 worth of food that was without any drinks, no wonder this place can stay open even when their business is so little. Yikes.... So we both chucked this dinner down to a big learning experience in

1) Tapas Restaurant: don't go there if you are hungry
2) Tapas Restaurant: another name for Lots of $$$$$ little food
3) We should have gone with our first instinct to leave and go for the Italian joint
Last but not least Don't listen to Bruce again.... Nice guy but not a good food critique

Sorry Connie we will not be placing this on the list of places to go...LOL... but boy it did make for a good memory on our trip..... hee hee


This weekend David and I had a wonderful weekend getaway!!! We celebrated our 15th wedding Anniversary. Our real anniversary is Dec. 17th but with Christmas we never get to do very much, it is just way to busy. So we decided we would pick a weekend and head off to the beach. Sure it was cold but it was so peaceful and quiet.... We had an amazing time. We stayed at this wonderful Inn that was on the sound side of the ocean and it had the most amazing sunsets that we could view from our picture window in our room sitting by the fireplace. (it doesn't get better than this) It was worth the trip just to see those every evening. We also took an adventurous trip to see the Wild Horses that roam the end of the island. It was so much fun, we had a wonderful tour guide and because it was off season and VERY cold we had our own private tour. The tour took you to were the road ended and to go any further you must have a 4-wheel drive vehicle as the beach is the "road". We saw about 5 different herds of wild mustangs and even jumped a few hills...yikes! There was one point I got a little uneasy as we were heading through some pretty deep waters and the ice was to thick for the big truck to go through but thankfully our guide knew his limits and backed out...(thank you Jesus) We also went and saw a beautiful Lighthouse and walked around the grounds. The positive side of going to beach during off season is no traffic, no crowds, discounted rates and it is nice and quite. But.... the negative is most everything is closed!!! We had the hardest time trying to find somewhere to eat. Yeah, they had a grocery store and we could of cooked in but we wanted the true R and R. We did find a few places to eat (more on that later it deserves it own post) but we had a wonderful weekend and we vowed to not let opportunities like this come to far between. Glad to be HOME SWEET HOME!!!

This was the view out our window!

This stallion was a loner, our guide said he was probably was chased away by another stallion and by the looks of his back I am sure it was true, he had marks all over him...

He was another stallion from a different herd... so pretty

Such beautiful creatures... these wild mustangs have been roaming this beach for over 500 years, said to have been brought over by the Spanish

The Light House we visited. We were unable to climb,

it was closed for the season.

Such a Beautiful Beach... We saw God's Fingerprints all over the place...

Friday, January 16, 2009

I Found It!!!!

Humm???? I bet you are wondering what does "I found it" have to do with this very well, unique picture. Well it has a lot to do with it. This week I got a new lens for my camera for my birthday. (don't ask I'm getting old) I had ordered it online and so it was delivered via UPS... After tearing open the box I get to the goods and found my wonderful new 70-300mm lens! I was so excited and wanted to quickly try it out. So I sat down to put this wonderful new lens on my camera and took the standard lens off and I needed to put the cap on it to ensure I would not damage the old one. Then I ran up stairs and retrieved my camera box to get the cap out so I could put it on the lens. Well digging through the box I pulled out 3 small boxes, papers, bubble wrap, my camera cap, and then the unexpected...... there in the bottom of this box was my DIAMOND PENDANT!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you hear me my DIAMOND PENDANT!!!!!!!! (story here) I found it!!!!! God had lead me to it. (Thanks Leah for that wonderful prayer suggestion) I cannot tell you what my insides did when I saw that shinny thing in the bottom of that box.... I had totally accepted the fact that it was gone and now one week later after putting it to rest it showed up. I still have a hard time believing that I found it. How it got in that camera box????? I can never in million year figure out how??? But...... when I was jumping around screaming and shouting I did have a little princess smiling at me murmuring something " Mom, I found that for you in the box" Hmmmmm????

Well the picture above is the just a picture of my Roger's hand with his famous "money ring" that I took with my new lens.. Looks pretty good too but that lens is what God used to bring me to my necklace.. God is so Good to us.... Thank you and Holy Kisses!!!! (quote used by my friend at The Shabby Old Potting Shed)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Love Faces!!

I found this wonderful blog through the wonderful world of blog trailing... and they are having a I love kids faces contest and this is my entry. One of my favorite things to take pictures of is people and mostly Kids!! Please go and check it out, just click on the button below to visit... Wish me luck...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Outdoor Fun!

Well I am taking an online photography class and I have a few assignments. Today was a sunny day so I suited Arden up and we headed outside for a photo shoot.. We had so much fun. I just love taking pictures that are not so "posed", I like pictures that show the "real" expressions. So as Arden was exploring the outside and her mom was in her face with the camera lens but she really didn't mind it. Her are a few of the pictures I took today...

I had such a beautiful Princess to work with Huh???

Friday, January 9, 2009


Today was the day we would find out if Ben was picked for the England Exchange Program. There were only 16 spots open to participate in the program and many kids applying. (10 boys and 6 girls) Today when he was headed out the door for school I told him to text me once he got the news!! I got the text this afternoon and it said "4 the Queen!!!" Yeah, he made it.. My little Ben is going to England!! In April the boy from England will come and stay with us for 10 days (Lord help him) and at the end of June Ben will go and stay with his family for 10 days. So very exciting but yet the mom in me can't help but worry he will be traveling so far away... I know that is where my faith will kick in and all be alright... What a great opportunity for him...
My Ben!!

And Oh if you are wondering why the serious pose in the picture most of the time when I point the camera at the boys they give a pose like this. It is an inside joke at our house, when we traveled to China most of the locals (Chinese People) that we saw at some of the tourist places they would take pictures with poses just like this....No Kidding... Come on China Families vouch for me on this one!!! Hee Hee

Here are a few more examples....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blogger In Training!

I just could not resist this picture! The boys got laptops for Christmas this year and there has been a lot of "Geek" going on in our house. At night they all 4 decide to log on to their Maple Story accounts and play away. Yes I said all 4, even Daddy is all about the nerding out. They have even introduced Arden to Once she found out that Dora was on it she was THERE!!! Today while the boys were at school and I was doing some cleaning she wanted to get on "" yeah that is scary toddler knowing the .com thing already. I could not believe how much it took her attention. I guess I am going to get the old egg timer out and limit this crew from their Geek Time.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Look for 2009!!

Well I have changed my blog for the New Year... I hope you like it!! I have been playing around with my Photoshop and I am finding all kinds of neat features. I added a neat signature and a new heading (still working on the text seems a little blurry, can't figure out how to correct that, any help is welcome!). It can all be so addicting. It is amazing what you can do with this. I have also discovered a new form of scrap booking using the computer and photoshop instead of cutting and cropping with paper and such. I have never been one to get into scrap booking but this I could do. I am thinking about doing books for each year instead of going back trying to do all of my kids. (that would take forever being my children are way older) Here are a few photo pages I have just played around with using what I have done over the last week or so. It is just to cool not to share!

Go me! I am using Photoshop and I learned it ALL By Myself!!! And no I do not have to much time on my hands I have just neglected the Landry pile for a day or two... Hee Hee It will be still waiting for me tomorrow...

This is from our Dinner with my Aunt!

Cute huh??

This is from our trip to the Park!!

My sister and her family live in Utah, a great ways away.... and she has started a blog to help us over on the east coast to keep up with her daily ups and downs and all around!! Just when I think I've got it rough, I think of her schedule and yikes..... it scares me. Her husband is in the Air Force and always being shipped here and there, she has 4 kids, she rides horses which she scoops poop, cleans out stalls, feeds and waters Monday-Saturday, has full time job and oh did I mention she has 4 kids.... Boy, it makes me tired just thinking of it. But I am very proud at the wonderful person she has become. Something about your LITTLE sister growing up makes you a little warm inside or is that just a hot flash because that means I am getting much older???

Well go over and check out her blog, she has such a wonderful family!

Just click on the the picture and it will take to here blog!

Oh my other sister here locally has blog to, but no need to visit she hasn't posted since the 1st of November.... yeah not a good blogger!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day At the Park!

Today was such a treat! David's work schedule always includes working Saturday. He does not have the seniority yet to be blessed with a Saturday off. Yesterday he surprised me with the news he was taking the day off. Normally when he request a vacation day it is because we have something to do. This time we had no where to be and nothing to do... We decided to pack the kids and dog in the car, pack some lunches and head to the park. The weather was just a little chilly but the sun helped warm the day even more. The kids were able to run around and play on the swings and hang from the monkey bars... I even packed some bread to feed the ducks. David really got a kick out of this, I didn't have any sandwich bread laid out so I grabbed 2 loafs of french bread. He thought the ducks had a gourmet lunch today because we were feeding them $3 a loaf bread. Watching the kids throwing the bread together, I got my $6 worth and more. It was a fun day and wonderful to be able to do something together without video games, computers, telephones and not looking at our watches. Thank you Lord for days like these!

Princess Enjoying the Swing!

Aaron Playing with Arden on the swing!! I just love that face!

Going for a Sweet Little Walk!! to the Potty...

Time to feed the Ducks!!!

Even Ducks with fros!!! The kids loved this one!!

Max didn't want to feed the ducks he was ready to EAT the Ducks!!! Yikes!

Ben Loving on his Little Sister!!!