Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009 Part II

2009 12 24_8094_edited-1

When we arrived home from Granny's house the kids put on their new Pajamas and gathered in by the tree for their gifts from Mom and Dad. Every year we get them an ornament that will relate to them or the year we have had. This year we did a "lodge" them as we all went to The Great Wolfe Lodge earlier in December. It was a trip that the kids will remember for quite awhile. We also have a visitor who comes by our house almost every Christmas Eve, SANTA! So while we were headed out to put out the reindeer food we saw the red suited man in our front yard. The Princess didn't quite know what to think at first but he truly had her wheels turning.

2009 12 24_8083_edited-1

Headed out the door when the Man in The Suit Caught her eye! PRICELESS!

Here is a quick little video from "the visit" OH and please excuse the Yappy Dog I guess he got a little excited to see Santa too!!

2009 12 24_8066_edited-1

Daddio opening his gifts.

2009 12 24_8081_edited-1

Arden with her new ornament and her new Dora Christmas Pajamas.

Then they all settled down and waited till we chased them all to bed.

2009 12 24_8087_edited-1

Ben doing his Facebook thing!

2009 12 24_8096_edited-1

Arden checking to see if Santa got off okay.
We counted our blessings as we finally laid our heads down that night and remembered why we celebrate this Awesome Holiday! Thank you Father for the very best gift of all, Your Son!
Christmas Eve was so very special this year. After spending the day finishing up some last minute baking and wrapping gifts we head over Granny (daddio's mom)to celebrate. She had a wonderful display of food everything from meatballs, ham with biscuits, Mexican dip, nuts and cannot forget the Chocolate. yummy!! When our tummy's were beyond full we sat down and caught up and laughed about old times. I feel so blessed to have family surrounding me. The kids were just waiting for "gift" time and it finally came. Granny started passing out gifts and the Princess help me pass out ours. What a special night to remember.

2009 12 24_8006_edited-1

Rog with his Great Grandmother! Boy she is hoot...

2009 12 24_8034_edited-1

The Princess Checking out everyones gifts

2009 12 24_8028_edited-1

My Daddio! So handsome:)

2009 12 24_8007_edited-1

Money and Chocolate!! Can't get much better than that, right?

2009 12 24_8004_edited-1

A-man giving Nana some love for his gift!

2009 12 24_8055_edited-1

The Princess with her new Pajamas on! When she pulled them out of the bag she yelled "These are just sooooooo cute!!"

Stay tuned for part two!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Baking

If there was one thing I remember most of my childhood Christmas it would be Christmas Baking with my mother. Christmas was a HUGE holiday for us at home. My parents did everything they could to make it extra special every year. From each gift she bought down to our Christmas baking. She made special treats that we would share with people we loved. This is a tradition that I have now carried on to my family. Here is a small peek of our time together baking.

2009 12 19_7881_edited-1

2009 12 21_8111_edited-1

2009 12 21_8109_edited-1

2009 12 21_8108_edited-1

2009 12 22_8105_edited-1

2009 12 22_8104_edited-1

2009 12 22_8102_edited-1

I can only hope that one day my children will hold so dear the memories I do of this Christmas Traditions. Thank you Mom for giving me this wonderful Memory!
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The weekend before Christmas we had a storm hit our area and it laid a beautiful blanket of snow. We get maybe 2 snowfalls here, so when they hit the kids take advantage of every moment they can. The kids gathered their layers of clothing, hats, gloves and boots and as soon as I gave them the word they were out like runners at the starting line.

2009 12 18_7777_edited-2

2009 12 18_7784_edited-2

2009 12 19_7818_edited-3

2009 12 19_7842 copy_edited-1

2009 12 19_7879_edited-2

2009 12 19_7871_edited-3

It was an extravagant display of Winter!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

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Hope Everyone has a Blessed Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Friday!

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Only 14 More Days Till Christmas! YIKES...
Don't forget to slow down and enjoy time with Family and Friends;)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Tree!

This year we got a new tree. I normally have a White Christmas tree but this year I decided to get a traditional tree. I guess it is not as traditional as most because I went with the Slim tree. It is funny I brought this guy home and put it up and Daddio wants to know why we have a Charlie Brown Tree this year. Ha Ha! Well we spent afternoon putting up decorations and later that evening we decorated the tree.

2009 11 29_6695_edited-1

The Princess Enjoyed every minute!

2009 11 29_6696_edited-1

A-man looks like his mom is making him take part of the tree decorating! (and yes I did MAKE him!

2009 11 29_6697_edited-1

Then before you knew it they all were having fun! Like they had a choice?

2009 11 29_6700_edited-1

Love this picture of the Princess... Gosh, I love her!

2009 11 29_6702_edited-1

And I love My Boys too!!

2009 11 29_6704_edited-1

2009 11 29_6706_edited-1

She knew exactly where she wanted to to put each ornament

2009 11 29_6712_edited-1

And I even left them even though it was killing me they were all on one branch.
Okay Okay, when no one was looking I fixed it.

2009 11 29_6722_edited-1

Daddio helping up little Princess to put on the STAR!

2009 11 29_6728_edited-1

Some of my favorite!

2009 11 29_6729_edited-1

2009 11 29_6730_edited-1

This is one my Sister gave me (all four of us sisters)!
Family That is what makes Christmas so special...

Monday, December 7, 2009

What a Display of Beauty!

One of my most favorite parts of the day is sunset. The light show that occurs never gets old for me. Each new Sunset shows another thumb print from our Creator. Yesterday we were headed out the door and my nephew was with us(aka gremlin) and he at 5 years of age was stopped in his tracks at the beauty he saw.

He said "Lee Lee (that is what he calls me) Come and Look at this sky! It is just Beautiful"

And boy oh boy was he right! Even a Gremlin can be awed at the beauty from our God!

2009 12 07_6885_edited-1

2009 12 07_6889_edited-1
We packed our bags and headed to the Lodge! My sister and her crew were headed out of town for a little fun getaway and invited us to tag along. The kids were in "fun heaven!" Not only was this place a HUGE indoor water park but it had activities that would have keep the kids busy for days! But... I think the best part of all was having their cousins to share it all with. What a wonderful weekend with a little surprise:) Thanks N. Here are a few pictures (sorry for the lack of water park pics but it was just to wet and humid in there)

2009 12 06_6865_edited-1

The lobby of the hotel!

2009 12 06_6852_edited-1

The Gang!

2009 12 06_6849_edited-1

A visit with Santa!

2009 12 06_6864_edited-1

In the evening they had a "story time" in the lobby with songs by some puppets and trees. Here are the kids as the show is beginning!

2009 12 06_6867_edited-1

The Show! and yes that is a creepy puppet in the log. What the heck were they thinking with that? It gets worse it he starts to move and is eyes start rolling around all while singing "There is Nothing to Scared For Around Here" Yeah Right!!! Check It Out

As you can see in the video Mae did not know exactly what to think about him at all...

2009 12 06_6868_edited-1

I guess it was like one of those Train Wreck things, it was bad but you could not look away? So what do you do next?

2009 12 06_6873_edited-1

Make it snow so it will get their minds off of the creepy scary guy in the log!

2009 12 06_6876_edited-1

But Not Mae!

A great little adventure despite the kids having nightmares for 2 nights!