Monday, December 1, 2008

We Had Visitors This Morning!

Well yesterday when I sat down to read some of my favorite blogs I found the coolest Christmas Fun! This blog had shared what their family does each year with little Santa visitors as the count down to Christmas. It was the neatest idea I have ever read!!!! So last night I ran out and got a few Santa Creatures of my own and they showed up bright and early this morning and my kids loved it. Not only Arden but even the boys got a big kick out of it. This is how it goes and I give all credit to Steps In Our Journey (hope it is okay that I linked that but I just had to share) for this fun idea!

Okay you get a few little Santa Land Creatures and put them in a box under the tree or I put them in fun bags and hung them over the fireplace were the stockings are normally hung. Then I left a note say, We need a place to stay. We accidental got sent here from Santa Land and we need a place to crash until Christmas Eve so we can ride back with Santa. We will not cause any trouble. We sleep during the day and promise to be quiet at night. We will even help bring some Christmas Cheer to your Christmas this year. So please let us stay.

So then I even got a few goodies to leave for the kids this morning. Well each night while we are sleeping they will do something to the house. She gave examples like tp the house, hang the kids underwear, hang from the ceiling fan, etc.. I think this sounds like so much fun. I have got all kinds of things up my sleeve for this one. I will keep you updated on what our Santa Friends do until Christmas Eve. I am always looking for new ideas to help get the family in the spirit of Christmas and I think this is a winner!


Kristi said...

Now that sounds fun! I can't wait to hear the antics your Christmas visitors pull!

Tammy said...

Last night ours hung from the kitchen light fixture. Some nights they hide and are found in random places, like playing catch with cherry tomoatoes in the frig., or waiting in the car (with seatbelts buckled) so they can ride on an errand with us, or sometimes they pop popcorn and watch a Christmas movie. The most important night is the night before Christmas Eve (since they go "home" on Christmas Eve) is that they read the Christmas story so they are found with the Bible and usually something for the kids to remind them of the real meaning of Christmas. THEN, on Christmas Eve, they leave a letter to each child thanking them for the visit and reminding them that Santa really isn't the One they should try to please all year, but Jesus, who is really always watching and has really given His all so that they can not just have gifts one day a year, but life abundantly all year. SO, we use even these little visitors to have fun with the "wonder" of the season, but also to bring their little hearts back to the real reason we celebrate.
Just thought I'de share a little more for you. The options of mischief are endless, so have fun (and share it with us because after a few years of this we get stumped as to what to do each night). HA!
Sorry for the long post!

Our Journey said...

I love this idea!! So cute. Isn't it fun to come up with all kinds of cut little family traditions!!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

I POSITIVELY ADORE this! What fun the kids AND youuuuu will have in this! I can hardly wait to check back and continue to read more!