Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa's Helpers Just Hanging Around

The helpers have been just hanging around making all kinds of messes the past few days. We found them hanging from our ceiling fan with 4 little jingle bell necklaces for each of the kiddos. Arden had so much fun with this one, she could see that they were missing but couldn't seem to find them. (i guess being small it didn't seem so obvious) Finally with the help of the boys she found them and she belted out "They are sooooo funnyyyyy!!!!" The next day they had a tea party with some of Arden's dolls and made a big messy doing it. Then the next one it seems someone had to think quick because I awoke and forgot about our guest and ran down stairs to "see" wink wink what they had done. Wasn't a very creative day, they must have been a little tired from their party the night before. Hee Hee! That is what the little stinkers have been up to and they have caused a lot of laughter around here.
Last night we had our annual Christmas Bunco Party. We got together at one of the girls houses and had a wonderful meal. Gloria is such a wonderful host. She always goes way out to make you feel welcome. Our bunco group has changed over the years and have brought all different kinds of amazing women to our group. We have been playing for over 8 years together and have formed wonderful friendships. We laugh together, cry together and sometimes we even get grumpy together. I love this group and I enjoy my time with them. Every year we do a "exchange" we bring something from home that we no longer want and wrap it and do secret Santa swap together. We have so much fun stealing gifts, cracking up at who is stealing what. So I put my things together in a cute little basket and added a little something special. I found this Christmas exchange idea from one of my hair bow forums and thought it was so funny and just had to include it in the basket. This is a picture of the one my bow buddy made (i forgot to take a picture of mine) so here it is an affordable homemade Christmas Gift!
Yest that is what you think that is Slippers@!!! made from Maxi Pads! This is what the tag said that was attached to the slippers:
Fashion Slippers
Non-slip soles
Biodegradable/environment friendly
No need to bend down and wipe up spills/very absorbent
padded for comfort
Hope this will inspire you to make a pair for yourself or for that special friend! fa la la la la la la!!!! I just love Christmas Fun.


Donna said...

Hey Ally!
I'm not sure if you remember me - we were in the Guangdong travel group in China! I found you via Kristi -
I just wanted to tell you that the Santa's Helpers have been cracking me up!! When our big boys were little we used to have army men making themselves at home in all of the Christmas decorations & now I'm kicking myself that I don't have more photos of all the crazy places I found them!

Our Journey said...

Ok your slippers cracked me up!! You're such a hoot - I bet your bunco group is too much fun!